Lets create alongside one another {virtually}

Creating along side one another provides an opportunity to open your heart, provides you a space to dream, and reminds you that you are not alone.  Online gathering spaces open the door for connection and creativity from the comfort of your home.  You can wear pajamas, work in the middle of the night, and show up next to the pile of laundry that needs to still be folded.  It is an opportunity to connect when traveling to be with one another isn't feasible.  

February 21st - March 12th

Email Based

Journaling is one of my daily self care practices helping me to heal and open up.  Join me for 21 days as we journey through a daily writing practice to heal your heart and launch you into what is breathing right below the surface.  This email based program will have you writing from the heart, connecting with who you are, and unearthing what you want your life to look and feel like.  When you tell the stories of your life you open up space for new opportunities to come through.  

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Coming December 2016 

Private Blog Based

December, the final month of the year.  The year that you just lived through and created.  It can feel hectic and crazy as you prepare for the holidays but when you take a few quiet moments to yourself you can see just how much you accomplished in one years time.  There were little moments that made you smile and bigger life shifting events that have left you forever changed.  I invite you to slow down and appreciate all that you have done this past year.  

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"Thank you for opening your heart and inviting me into your beautiful Heart Notes course— it was just what I needed to close out 2015 and welcome 2016 with a peaceful heart.  The prompts and videos were wonderful guides to slow down and look again at life.
Life moves fast and often I get lost in the day to day and miss the beauty.  Your course gave me permission to slow down and allowed me to look again and see the beauty in the everyday and little moments.  And those are beautiful.
You have a wonderful gift in sharing yourself with others and giving us a safe place to share ourselves with others."
~ Maura King

"The Heart Notes class was a lovely way to reflect on the year that was ending, while opening up for the year to come. The lesson prompts set roots to all that happened during the year, making peace with the good and the bad, and helped clear my mind for a year of possibilities. The practice is one I want to repeat every year."
Rita Herrmann