Coming in December 2016

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Don't let 2016 pass you by without savoring all that has been.  Together let's take the time to sink deep into the moments.  Celebrate the successes and let go of the hardships.  Let's clear space so you can boldly step into 2017 with a wide open heart. 

I invite you to slow down and sink deep into Heart Notes.  A soulful class encouraging you to close out your year with love, tenderness, and reflection.  

Join me December 5th - January 6th and look back on all that has been.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a new note will be posted on a private blog.  These notes will include:

  • A video each Monday talking about the weekly theme
  • Prompts to encourage you to reflect on the year that is passing
  • Fun exercises to capture all that was and that will be
  • Inspirational stories and poetry


Weekly Themes

Week One :: Taking Inventory
All companies end each year taking inventory of what is left.  This helps them plan for the new year.  You will do the same.  Taking an inventory on how you feel, where you stand, and what you are still carrying around.  

Week Two :: Celebrating What Was
You have done so much this year, YES you have.  Let's take the time to properly celebrate what was.  Through ceremony and a formal toast let's acknowledge how much you have accomplished!  

Week Three :: Letting Go of the Hardship
Not all moments in a year are beautiful and grand, but it is every moment that makes up who you are.  There are some moments that you no longer need to carry with you.  Through journaling exercises you will be able to let go of these moments and say goodbye.  

Week Four :: Dreaming and Scheming
What do you envision 2017 to look and feel like?  Through vision boarding and quick journal exercises you will uncover what you most desire for the new year and how you want to feel.  

Week Five :: A Final Goodbye, and a Brand New Hello
Yes, is time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017.  You will write letters, send notes, and prepare yourself to step boldly into 2016 with a wide open heart.  


I invite you to join me on this soulful journey.  Take this time to fully examine what 2016 was for YOU!  Savor it.  Celebrate it.  Slow down and let it all sink in.  For you are the one who created this story.  What story do you want to create in 2017?  Allow Heart Notes to be your guide in unearthing this.  


The Details

  • Content received: On a private blog.  This will give you the opportunity to interact with other individuals in the class through the comments section of the blog.  
  • Content posted:  Monday {video}, Wednesday and Friday starting December 5th - January 6th