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Next Round :: July 2017

When you go to your mailbox what is waiting for you?  Bills, mailers, nothing that excites you?  What if you opened it up and there was a postcard just for YOU, how would that make you feel?  Would it bring a smile to your face?  Would your day shift for the better?  With the Love Notes Postcard Project It is possible to get a little ray of handwritten sunshine delivered in the mail, yes the real mail?   

The Love Notes Postcard Project encourages slowing down, getting back to the basics, and connecting through handwritten notes sent through the mail, yes the real mail.  

Each round of Love Notes last for three weeks.  

When you sign up you will get paired up with another participant and keep this partner for all three weeks.

What you write on the postcard is be based off of the weekly writing prompt that get's sent via email each Sunday.  

How much does Love Notes Cost:  The price of a stamp and a post card.  The postcards can be bought or created.  
There is no charge to be a part of this project.   


I believe strongly in connecting through handwritten words


Love Notes is hosted Quarterly:

  • January 8th - 22nd {2017} - completed

  • April 9th - 23rd {2017} - completed

  • July 9th - 23rd {2017}

  • October - 8th - 22nd {2017}



Pop on over to the Love Notes Postcard Facebook Page to say hello.  Plus check out below some of the postcards sent in previous rounds posted on Instagram #lovenotesjb


The Story Behind Love Notes

how did Love Notes begin?

I have always been a lover of words and remember the feeling of excitement when my aunts and uncles sent my brothers and I postcards from their trips.  As I have gotten older sending postcards from my travels has been a fun thing for me to do.  Dustin and I even write postcards to ourselves and drop them in the mail from whatever destination we are in.  It has been a fun way to document where we have been.    

As I have gotten older I have found that the only thing I receive in my mailbox is bills that I have to pay or junk that I throw away.  I wanted that excitement back from when I was a kid and loved checking the mail.  This is where the idea for Love Notes was born.  If I was feeling this way I was sure there were others out there dreading going to their mailbox.  What if we got back to basics and started writing to each other again?  What if instead of sending a text message we sent a note in the mail?  

Love Notes was born out of this desire to connect with people, to have individuals share handwritten words, and to have a project that was easy and attainable for anyone.  

why postcards?

I choose postcards for this project because of it's small writing space which is not intimidating, plus there is already artwork on the front so there is no worries about creating something.  

Another bonus about postcards is their ability to bring joy to all of the hands it passes through on it's journey.  I like to believe that when the postal workers see the postcards pass through that it makes them smile. 

my favorite part of this project!

The life that this project has taken on is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of.  There are individuals participating from all over the world and some people even create their very own postcards which are little works of art.  Some previous partners continue to write to one another, some get together to create postcards, and friendships have been developed. All of this makes my heart smile wide!  It is amazing the connection that can occur from the simple act of sending someone a postcard. 

Love Notes LOVE!

You don't have to take my word for it that spreading notes of love is magical.  Check out some words from previous participants:


Love Notes Fairy

There is something incredible about surprising someone with a bouquet of love notes when they need it most.  This is what the Love Notes Fairy Project is all about.  A monthly secret mission to spread happiness.  Want to know more?  Click HERE.