March 31st - May 2nd

Join me on a writing adventure as we uncover the the power of YOUR written words.  

I will guide you in unearthing what is buried deep beneath through writing prompts, exercises to stretch your inner voice, video lessons, and an open email box for support.  The page will hold your words as you gain confidence in what flows from your hand and your heart.   

Beneath the layers lies your dreams, hopes, and inner desires.  When you walk this journey through writing you will unearth them.  Let's do this together and explore what holds us back from embracing our best selves.

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This is: An online writing class

What will you learn:  You will learn how to show up to the blank page and not be intimidated to tell the stories that are tucked into your heart. 

What will you receive: 

  • Three to four weekly writing prompts
  • A weekly video digging into that weeks lesson
  • Stories and inspiration to open you up and get the pen moving on the page
  • Exercises to clear space in your mind, open up your heart, and allow yourself to let go 
  • An open email box where you can communicate with me any time.  I am here to support you through this process. 

What else you need to know:

This is an online, self paced class.  Lessons are delivered directly to your email box and posted in a private online blog.  On the blog you will have space to share your words and connect with classmates.  With the lessons also delivered to your inbox you are able to go at your own pace, go back to pieces that really resonate with you, and use the lessons over and over again.  

When will this be happening:

March 31st - May 2nd.  You will receive a lesson five days a week (Monday - Friday)

What does it cost:  $70

Have questions: 
Drop me a note to

What folks are saying:

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