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brave journaling :: e-course

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Journaling will heal you and open you up.  Join me for 21 days as we journey through a daily writing practice to heal your heart and launch you into your dreams.  This email based program will have you writing from the heart.  

To accompany you on your Brave Journaling journey you can book a one hour Online Mentoring Session with me.  I will help you overcome the hurdles you are facing, hold space for you and provide additional prompts and tools to help you show up on the page.  

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The page is there for you, always.  It never judges and simply allows a space for you to show up. It takes everything you throw at it . . . heartbreak, loss, desire.  It is a place for you to release your vulnerability.  Journaling is a blessing.  It gives you a place to turn to when you feel as if you do not have anywhere else to go.  The words may not always come easy and the stories that spill may not always be the stories you thought you wanted to tell, but page will hold it all tenderly.  Providing you space to grow and heal.  

It is rumored that it takes 21 days to form a habit and during our time together our focus will be on a daily journaling practice.  The blank page can feel intimidating at times so I will provide you with different prompts and exercises to get the pen moving.  As you show up you will stretch and grow and go on a journey you may not have know you needed to go on.  

I invite you to journal bravely!

The Brave Journaling Experience Includes:

  • Daily journaling prompts, stories, and exercises delivered directly to your inbox for 21 days!  
  • Downloadable PDF with all prompts and exercises from the entire class. 
  • Support and encouragement.  My email box is always open.  If you are feeling stuck, reach out. 

Together let's jump into the water, because if you never jump you never learn how to swim.