:: Online Class ::

March 1st - march 28th

YOU are writing the stories of your life every single day.  They unfold in your common moments.  When you wake up in the darkness, make a single cup of tea, and begin your day.  They unfold as you travel throughout what you feel is an ordinary moment but has the possibility to turn extraordinary.  You never know when a moment or a person will change your life forever.  

These stories are yours and yours alone.  No one else has taken your journey.  No one else sees the world the way you do.  These stories need to be celebrated, savored, and sometimes let go off.  

There are tools that have helped me on my journey.  Providing me the opportunity to slow down and soak in the beautiful life that I am creating.  These tools are:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Practicing Ceremony
  • Creating Alters
  • Meditation

You are already living your beautiful life.  Take the time to see this beauty in the ordinary moments.  We need to take time for ourselves to recognize and savor what we create and build each and everyday.  Through the simple act of living you are spreading beauty in this world.   The world has opened it's arms to you, now is the time for you to boldly step into it.  

You have stories of bravery and courage that are filled with inspiration.  You need to acknowledge that you are the star in those stories.  YOU are the one who made them happen.  

You also have stories that play on repeat in your head, dragging you through the mud when you don't deserve to be.  These stories need to be let go of.  

I invite you to unearth these stories.  To carve out small spaces in your home that remind you of your journey and your dreams.  To gain trust in yourself and celebrate the glorious moments.  The page is there to catch your moments.  The camera allows you the opportunity to see from a new perspective.  Meditation slows you down.  Alters remind you of where you have traveled.  And ceremony wraps it all so beautifully together.  Allow yourself the opportunity to see and acknowledge your own story.    

For four weeks we will explore the different ways our stories emerge through writing and photography.  We will do this by diving into:

  • setting intentions
  • creating alters
  • digging into the beauty of ceremony
  • meditation

week one :: intentions
We will explore setting intentions, learn how to clear the path, and acknowledge your every day stories and the stories you most need to tell.

week two :: speaking to ourselves
We will hold gently the stories we tell ourselves and how we speak to ourselves.  We will learn to show up with love and compassion even in the midst of the most difficult stories. 

week three :: letting go
There are stories that we avoid telling, bury deep, and do not want anyone to know about.  But these are your stories and they need to be told even if no one else hears them but you.  Gently we will let go of these stories as we tell them one word at a time.

week four :: dreaming with ease and grace
t is time for some deep celebration and we will do that by acknowledging how far you have come and dreaming up where you may want to go next.  

How does this work?
All lessons will be posted on a private blog.  You will have full access to this content for four months after class ends.  Therefore you will not have to feel rushed to get through it when life creeps in.  You can go at your own pace and slow down when something really resonates with you.  

What will you receive: 

  • A weekly video digging into that weeks lesson
  • Three post a weeks filled with writing prompts and different exercises to help you unearth your words
  • Photo prompts to nudge to see your world from a new persepctive
  • Stories and inspiration to open you up and get the pen moving on the page
  • An open email box where you can communicate with me any time.  I am here to support you through this process. 

What do you need:

  • Access to the internet so you can enjoy the weekly lessons on the private blog.
  • Your favorite writing tools be it a pen and a notebook or your computer.  Whatever works for you.  
  • A camera.  Nothing fancy needed - your phone will do just fine.  

You do not need to be a writer, creative, or a photographer to be in this class.  I will be taking you through with many different ways to approach each exercise.   This class is about opening up and unfurling into the great unknown.  For it is there that your true self is waiting for you. 

Questions:  Drop me a note at jbelthoff@gmail.com with any questions you have.