Step out from the shadows

The time has come for you to emerge from the shadows.  To stand tall in who you are.  To actively go after your dreams. You were not brought here to act small. Live out loud.  Take up space. Allow yourself the opportunity to be seen and heard by sharing your voice with compassion. Choose grace.  Be curious and open your heart to what is possible. Make plans for the future but do not hold onto them to tightly. Allow  the unknown to unfold before you and unearth the joy it unleashes. Choose to reach out your hand. Be kind to others. Smile often. Know that the good you put out will come back to you and not allow you to stand know the shadows for to long. 

Yes, the time has come for you to shine. Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate. Because today is your day. Create it with brilliance and radiate boldly. 

it's time to write your next chapter

We made it.  Through another winter.  Where the darkness crept in but we kept the light burning.  Things slowed down.  The cold air kept us inside.  We hunkered down and hibernated.  Choosing to curl under blankets rather than take off on an adventure.  We were gentle with ourselves.  Easing into the days and quietly settling into the dark nights.  

But we are ready to bloom again.  To step into the sunshine and breathe deeply into what is possible.  It is time to create our own new beginning.  It is time to bring movement and adventure back to our daily lives.  It is time to get outside and run freely.  The spark of creativity is ready to be ignited.  

And so we begin.  On the first day of Spring with hope in our hearts.  We look forward to days filled with light and dream up new adventures to take.  We know the energy that the sun infuses into us and we are ready to blaze a new path forward.  

Time passes quickly.  We must make the most of our moments and write our own incredible stories.  For we are the creators of our life.  We choose where we are going and what we will do when we get there.  Don't waste a single second more.  Begin today to create the most epic story, ever.    

What story are you writing?  What one thing can you do to begin to create the story of your dreams?  

Writing Prompt:  The next chapter of my story is going to include ... 


showing up

As I lay on my yoga mat before class begins the quietness envelopes me. This space is my sacred home. Where I can show up exactly as I am. I do not need to say a word to anyone.  I can quietly walk in, lay down on my mat and be right where I am. There are moments during my practice that I close my eyes and sink deeper into the movement.  I do not worry about what the person next to me is doing, I move the rhythm of my own breathing.  My mat is my sacred space. 

One of my most favorite things about yoga is there is no judgement.  You can show up and simply choose to lay on your mat and breathe, and that is ok.  You move your body the way it moves.  You can as far as you want, as far as you can go.  There is no expectation to look like anyone else.  Your practice is yours alone and it is called a practice for a reason. 

I choose to show up on my mat.  There are days my body doesn't want to move.  Moments when the pose feels to hard or my mind just isn't in the game.  But then their are those magical days when all the stars are are aligned and I move with grace and ease. Stepping into the room I never know how I will adjust and settle in.  But one thing I know for certain is that I must show up.  

I try to transfer this feeling of just showing up into my every day life. Just being as I am with no expectations.  It is not alway any easy thing to do.  But when I lose my way I remind myself to slow down and just breathe.  

making the most of mornings

It is early in the morning.  The sun has not yet risen and I quietly get out of bed not wanting to wake him.  The morning is my sacred time.  A chance to enter into the day gently, on my own terms.   I savor the quiet, the darkness, the peace before the world wakes up.

I have not always been a morning person.  I used to hit the snooze button more times than I can even remember.  I would then roll out of bed in a hurry and rush to work, eating breakfast at my desk.  My mind not yet ready to begin.  A sudden jolt into the day leaving me feeling off and out of sorts. 

Once I began to carve out time in the morning my entire day shifted.  I give myself a chance to begin where I am and enter into the day slowly and with ease.  Some days I go to a yoga class or just do five moves in my living room.  I am looking forward to the warmer weather returning so I will be motivated to lace up my sneakers and head out for a run.  I meditate and sometimes write in my journal.  When I arrive at work my mind is calm.  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.  

I did not think switching up my morning routine could change my life, but it has.  What I do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day.  On the days that I don't wake up early I can feel it in my body and my mind.  It has taken work to push myself out of bed, especially on those cold winter mornings but carving out this time just for me is soul tending and a big part of my self care routine.   

What way can you tend to your soul?  What time can you carve out in your day for a little bit of self care?  

keep stepping forward

Some days you feel like you have been knocked down
Struggling to get back up
An enormous weight crushing your heart and shattering your every move
You can't tell up from down
And you wish you would have just stayed in bed
We all have had these days
It could be just one thing that knocks you to your knees
Or many tiny little ones
It becomes a struggle to take that next step forward
But you must
Because you do not know what is on the other side
A new opportunity
Another chance
That ray of sunshine that will brighten everything
Yes, of course I know it could just be something else to knock you down
But you must keep moving forward
Because eventually you will get through
You will come out on the other side
One way or the other
Lean on others when you need support
Reach out
Ask for help
Remember, you aren't in this alone
Keep stepping forward

snail mail sunday

When is the last time you took a moment to sit down and write someone a letter?  Yes, with a pen and paper.  Has it been so long that you cannot even remember? The Love Notes Postcard Project sparks my creativity throughout the year but even in between rounds I find it is important to  send out little bits of snail mail love.

There does not need to be a special occasion to send out a card or letter.  And you do not need any fancy type of paper.  I am sure around your home right now you have something you could write on, and something you could write with.  

Sundays have become turned into my day to take time to write out some snail mail love.  It feels good to intentionally write to someone.  To think of them as the words spill onto the page and to know that they will be surprised when the letter arrives.  

Aren't sure what to say?  How about starting with one of these prompts:

  • I remember the first day we met.  You were ____ and I was ____.  
  • My most favorite memory of us together is ....
  • Top three things I love about you are ...

Go ahead and send someone a letter.  I guarantee you will make their day.  

stay true to your heart

Because now more than ever you must listen to your heart and carve our own path forward.  There are many other voices looking to find their way in.  Stealing your time, trying to push you from where you are going.  But you know what what you want to do.  You know where you want to go.  

Go for it!

Happiness is your priority.  Kindness is something you hold dear.  Love is all that really matters.  Stay true to your values.  Speak up for what you believe in.  Do not let anyone rob you of the goodness that is in your heart.  

Listen to what others are saying, not only their words but their actions.  Understand where they are coming from and do not place any judgment on why you think they are doing what they are doing.  Just show up as you.  With your heart wide open ready to give.  

You will find your way when you stay true to YOU.  Don't give up, even when you get pushed down.  Don't give in, even when others are trying to string you along.  Smile wide.  Invite someone in.  

Be brave.  Be bold.  Be YOU

because your words can change someones day

"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change" ~ Bob Kerrey

Throughout our lives we all encounter moments of struggle that rip us apart.  It is in these moments that we cannot tell up from down and we aren't sure if we will ever be able to stand on our own two feet again.  So we retreat into the comfort of the darkness.  

Yet, we are not meant to go at it alone.  There is a world filled with divine human beings who want to reach out, lend a helping hand, and let you know that you are seen.  

I have watched this unfold first hand through the Love Notes Fairy's and it has continuously restored my faith in love, compassion, and kindness.  

The Love Notes Fairy's are a group of individuals with wide open hearts.   They are ready and willing to send out handwritten notes to individuals they have never met.  They open their hearts because they understand the power of good will and they know that even a few words written on a card can shift someones day. Most likely they will never meet the people they write to, but they are ok with that.  They know what matters most is reaching out.     

Each month nominations are submitted by friends, family, and neighbors of individuals who could use a little extra love.  Some life circumstance has brought them to their knees and receiving a bouquet of love notes delivered to their mailbox (yes, their real mailbox) is something their friend knows will help bring a bit of sunshine to their days.  

And so the fairy's get to work.  They send out cards with no expectation of anything in return.  They may never even hear if their card was received.  But, they understand the chain reaction of kindness that can occur and trust the universe to inspire others to continue passing it along.  These fairies are beacons of light on dark days, carrying messages of hope, love, and compassion.  There is no judgment for where the other person is in their life, just words of tenderness.  

Sometimes all we need is to know that we are not alone. 

For the past five months the Fairies have been showing up and each day more join in on this secret mission of love. It is the simplest things in life, the small acts of kindness, that mean the most.  We must never forget this and choose that kindness each and every day.  

One recipient of the Love Note's Fairy Love has shared these words about her experience being surprised by the notes:

"I feel loved
I feel wrapped up in a blanket of healing
I feel a burst of joy in my heart
I feel how much they care
The love of strangers is one of my greatest joys!" - Ingrid

This is what it is all about.  A blanket of healing letting a stranger know that there are others out there who care, and that they are never ever alone. Yes, this can all happen with one single card arriving in someone's mailbox. Something that may take you two minutes to do can cause an incredible shift in someone's life.  

Go ahead, send a card today.  I dare you!  Let someone know you see them, you love them, and that they are never alone.  Pop it in the mail and release all expectations of what is to come.  Just allow the universe space to work it's magic.  

And if you want to spread a little more joy and love join in on the Love Note's Fairy Secret Mission.  You will be so glad you did.  

happiness is always there, take a moment to see it

I arrive home exhausted. The weight of the work day can been seen in my tired eyes.  Running from meeting to meeting I didn't get a chance to step outside and breathe in the fresh air.  I feel has if I have been put through the ringer, all my energy depleted. 

Darkness has set in and feel a pang of regret for not seeking out the light.  

Nothing grand happened today.  No monumental moment of fun.  It was an average workday where I felt buried in all that I needed to accomplish  But admits the piles of paper, the inbox filled with emails that need responding, and the countless number of meetings I know that there is still something to be grateful for.  Even if it is only one thing there is something that has filled my heart with happiness.  

Before heading off to bed I pause in front of my happiness jar and pull out one slip of paper. I take the time to reflect on my day and think about what moment I want to write down.  There was the text from a friend that arrived right when I needed it most.  There was the way he smiled when I tucked him in before I headed out the door.  The light of my salt lamp on my desk filing my heart with peace and calm.  The warmth of my heated seat on the cold morning drive.  The way the printer cooperated and did not jam as I was running to get something printed moments before the meeting.

What may have felt like an exhausting day was filled with ordinary moments of goodness.  It is these slivers of time that make up my days and if I do not slow down to appreciate them they will simply slip away.  

Moments of happiness do not need to be grand and extravagant.  It can be as simple as a smile from a stranger.  A warm bed in the morning.  A chance to begin again.  

Take the time seek out the happiness.  Cherish every bit of it and the love the heck out of your life.  For each moment is a new beginning.  An opportunity to choose the light over the darkness.  What moment made you happy today?

when avoidance is holding you back

You cannot expand into the present moment if you are carrying the past around with you. 

The bills from the emergency room arrive in the mailbox and I intentionally toss them to the side.  I pretend that if I avoid them they will go away.  Isn't that way it works with problems?  Seeing them strikes a visceral reaction.

The first is anger.  Did they really need to call an ambulance?  I was fine.  Why the stretcher?  Why the embarrassment?  Why this incredible bill for what I see as nothing.  

The second bill reminds me of my carelessness.  Another visit to the emergency room.  Why did I think it was a good idea to remove a staple with a knife?  How did I ever think that was going to end well.  

The notices continue to arrive and it finally hits me that I cannot keep tossing them to the side.  I have been carrying around this cloud of regret and it feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders.  If I want to expand into the radical life of my dreams I need to face the baggage that I have been dragging along.  These bills are stuffed deep into one of those bags.  

I finally release myself from the guilt and feel a little bit more free.

It is not easy to face what I have been avoiding.  Avoidance feels like the easy way out, but really it is what has been keeping me behind.  I needed to release. I needed stop pretending and face the truth.

There is more baggage that I am carrying around.  More things I have been avoiding.  I have a dear friend who reminded me of something I have been avoiding since my mom passed away.  I need to schedule a mammogram.  I did the first part; I got the prescription.  But I have yet to pick up the phone and make the appointment.  What is holding me back?  Why do I continue to avoid?  I have let a year and half lapse.   

We both agreed that on Monday I am making the call.  And when I go to try to avoid it she will pick up the phone and dial the numbers for me.  It helps to have an accountability partner.  Someone who won't let you slide.  Someone who will be by your side when you are to afraid to do it alone.

Sometimes the thing we are most afraid to face is the thing that is holding us back from shining our inner light.  We hold on.  We pretend.  We tell ourselves a story that isn't true and we make it hard for ourselves to move forward.  But here is the thing.  You are the one who is in control of what happens next.  You can choose to face it, release yourself of it's chains, and move forward.

I want to expand.  I want to grow.  I want to live a deeply rich, intentional life.  In order to that I have to face what I am avoiding.  And so I begin. Right here, right now.  Because today is as good a day as any to take that first step forward.   


signs are all around


There are signs of her all around.  They show up in the most unexpected places and make me smile.  Even though she isn't here in person I can feel her everywhere.  She is with me in everything I do.  

She was a collector of feather's.  A believer that they were from heaven.  On the window ledge above her kitchen sink sat a blue jar that I never much paid attention to.  It wasn't until after her passing that I noticed she had placed all of the feathers she had collected inside this jar.  

A few years ago on an adventure together in Brooklyn she opened her heart and shared with me that she collects feathers.  When she was younger her sister had passed and ever since her passing she had said that each time she saw one she knew it was a sign from the other side.  A reminder that she was never alone. 

I never knew this about my mom and it was touching to get this glimpse into her heart.  But even then I didn't pay much attention to the blue jar on the ledge above her sink and let the story of the feathers slip away.  

black feather

When my mom was close to the end I walked out of her house and there were feathers scattered on the back lawn.  I went to take a closer look and noticed there were others on the front lawn.  In fact the house was surrounded by feathers and to my surprise there were none to be found next door.  

Was this a sign from heaven? Were they calling her up and letting us know that she would be ok?  

The signs continue to show up and each time they do it warms my heart and makes me smile.  I miss her more than words can describe, but seeing a feather makes me feel a little bit closer to her.  They are a reminder that she is always near.  

That little blue jar still sits on the windows ledge and another feather collector has been created.  Each one he sees he picks up and adds to her.  A reminder that we are all connected.  

love notes postcard project round 18 wrap up

Your words matter, even when you share them with someone that you do not know.  I have seen this happen first hand through the Love Notes Postcard Project.  Words arriving at just the right time from someone you have never met.  A postcard sitting next to your bills inside your mailbox reminding  you of the hope and love that shines through the world.  A single sentence letting you know that you aren't alone.  These words remind us of our humanness.  


When you share words of hope, love, and encouragement you begin a ripple effect of goodness.  You may never know the full effect they have but I can guarantee you that they have made someone smile.  Words are powerful.  They help us connect.  They break down walls and provide us space to heal.  

When I first started the Love Notes project I had no idea if people who actually take a chance on it.  Who would be brave enough to write to a stranger?  Who would trust this process?  Little did I know that the love and connection I was craving others were craving as well.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have opened their hearts and sent a postcards to a stranger.  Connections have formed and friendships have blossomed all from a words on a postcard, yes as simple as that.

Here we are 18 rounds in and my heart as grown immensely.  I have seen so much kindness from strangers which reminds me that there is an incredible amount of good in this world.  Even when things feel chaotic and crazy people are willing to share why they believe in the universe, how they tend to their soul, and what love is.  These simple prompts provide a jumping off point for deep heartfelt words spilling onto the page.  

And so we begin with pen in hand, an open mind, and a sliver of hope.  We spread our joy and light.  In doing this we encourage others to do the same.  

How do you share your love?  What way do you show up in the world and connect with others?  Looking for an easy way to begin?  Send a postcard to someone.  Let me know how much they mean to you.  Share your favorite memory together.  Simply say "I see you".  

And remember; words connect us.  

because you must love yourself first

And the day came when you had to look at yourself in the mirror and say:

I love you, all of you

Because as the old adage goes you must love yourself first.  

As I sat alone in my studio apartment admits the carnage of relationships past I knew I had yet to fully love myself.  In fact I didn't even know who this girl looking back at me in the mirror was.  I followed along with what others wanted to do.  I kept my opinions to myself.  I stayed quiet.  I chose being alone over going out.  

I was hesitant in my own footing.  Unsure of who I was and what moved me.  This was no way to live.  But when you are deep in it you don't know that.  I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, moving through life blindly.  

After he left everything changed.  The chains that were holding me down were no longer and I needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do.  When you are faced with nothing but yourself you learn a lot about who you are. 

I jumped in head first on a mission to get to know what ignited my spark.  I didn't know where I was going, or what I was doing.  All I knew was that it was time to save my own life.  

What transpired was LOVE! 

As I unearthed who I was I saw that I actually loved the person that was hidden underneath.  I had a voice to offer.  Opinions, inspiration, kindness.  There was so much that I didn't know was there and I knew it was going to be a long journey to find her.  I was in it for the long haul.  

I love who I am.  The writer, the dreamer, the hopeful spirit who is always seeking out the good in others.  I love bringing people in close and learning about who they are and what moves them.  I love the adventure of life.  You never know what the next turn will bring.  I love the opportunity to explore my own path and unearth my own way forward.  

Love is something that happens only when you are open enough to let it in.  When you spend the time to discover what is true, what is real, what is raw.  Love must be nourished and tended to. 

I now know how important self love is.  I must love the person looking back at me in the mirror.  I need to cherish her with my whole heart and be her biggest supporter.  No one will ever believe in me, unless I believe in myself.  

I stand here today sure of who I am.  I am ready to take on anything that comes my way.  I am not afraid of a challenge.  I know it takes work to make things happen.  Knowing who I am, I know what I am capable of.  

I stand here with a heart full of love.  For the person I am and the person I am destine to grow into.  

What is it you love most about YOU?  How do you shine brightly in this world?

knowing when to say YES!

And the day came when you had to say yes
When you knew you weren't 100% ready,

but you also knew you never would be
You were as prepared as you could
And you were ready to take the leap

So you said YES!
Leaping into the unknown
Unsure of what it would bring
But feeling so strongly in your gut
that this is where you needed to be
You followed your heart and bravely stepped forward

There was no fanfare
There was no big celebration
It was a micro movement that shifted everything inside you
Saying yes opened up your heart
And let you start believing in yourself again

Others didn't notice the shift
It was going to take time
Mountains needed to be climbed
New terrain was going to be trekked over
You would fall down more times than you could count

Yet each time you got back up you were stronger
Standing taller, reaching further than you ever thought
You were navigating your own path
Carving out your own destiny
Finding your own way home

What you felt on the inside began to shine on the outside
You attracted like minded individuals to you
There they stood, cheering you on
Your open heart and brave soul inspired others
As you took the reigns and made your dreams come true

And now you can't imagine living on the sidelines
You are deep on the path, always looking for new adventures
You know the feat that comes with saying YES, and you still have it
but you also know the joy and brilliance that opens up when you do
So you take the risk

You are a beacon of light
You cast hope and inspiration out into this world
You know that you have to live out loud
And each day you prepare yourself to do just that
Your shining light helps others to shine

Keep bravely stepping forward
Keep taking the long way home and enjoying the view
Keep asking questions
and challenging what does not sit right with you
Keep connecting and learning from others
This is your one precious life, keep saying YES to it!

what story are you holding deep inside?

I am grateful for my journal.  For the way it holds my heart without any judgment.  Each time I sit down to write a new story spills onto the page.  A story that I have held close but have been afraid to share.  My journal is my sacred space to release into.  It gives me the freedom to tell the truth, the whole scary truth.  

I am often surprised by the stories I am carrying around with me.  I feel as if I have let them go but then they resurface and an entirely new layer is revealed.  For survival I patch my heart up, again and again.  Tending to the immediate bleeding but sometimes not taking time to tend to the deep wound that has developed.  

Often times these wounds surface in my dreams and I turn to my journal to work through them.  The other night I dreamt of my mom sitting on my couch after recently getting through her cancer treatments and telling me that the cancer has come back and it was looking bleak.  My heart broke as these words fell from her lips.  

When I awoke I was immediately transported back to the moment that Dustin and I were standing outside of her hospital room the day she was rushed there because she was struggling to breath.  The doctor was with her so we didn't want to barge in.  He saw us standing in the hall having no idea who we were and he closed the door.  

We waited and waited in that hallway unsure of what was going on, my heart un ready for what I was about to learn.  The cancer had spread to her lungs, her liver, and possibly her bones.  What?  How could this be possible?  We had just recently celebrated her being "cancer free".  

Grief is a long and slow healing process.  

One that I deal with each and every single day in some capacity.  I keep stepping forward because I know I have to, but my heart is heavy and more often than not the tears are on the verge of spilling.  

As Dustin and I walked out of the hospital that night I quietly clung onto his hand.  "At least it is stage four" he said to me.  As those words spilled from his lips I couldn't help but chuckle.  It was obvious he had no idea that stage four was the worst and he was just trying to comfort me.

It has been a little under two years since I lost my mom and the wound runs deep.  I still can't believe that she is gone and cling to every single story that we wrote together.  I heal a little bit each day, but do not think that I will ever be fully healed.  

It is our stories that make us who we are.  We can dwell in them or we can learn from them.  In some capacity we always carry them around with us.  What story are you holding deep inside?  What words are looking to be spilled out onto the page?

National Send a Letter Day

Tomorrow {January 17th} is National Send a Letter Day.  What better way to surprise someone than through a handwritten note that get's delivered in their mail box .... yes, there real mailbox.  When is the last time you sent or received a letter?  Does it feel like forever?  Let's change that right now.   Find a piece of paper, pick up your pen, and let's get writing.  Below are some thought starters to get you going. 

Send a letter to:

  • One {or both} of your parents.  Let them know what they taught you.  How much they mean to you.  What you admire most about them.  Get all gushy, they will totally eat it up.  And if you have lost a parent write it anyone.  Sometimes the best letters are the ones we don't send.  
  • Your love.  Yes, write a love letter and drop it in the mail.  They will be so surprised when it arrives at their door.
  • Someone you admire.  Let them know how much you admire them and why.  
  • Someone you need to forgive.  This is a hard one but can be so cathartic.  Let them know that you forgive them and and moving on.  
  • A dear friend.  Tell them your most favorite things about them.  Reminisce about your favorite moment together or how you met.  Let them know what you adore about them.  

Writing someone a letter only takes a small amount of time to do.  However that single piece of paper can change their day.  Go ahead.  I dare you.  Write more than one.  

Happy Letter Writing!

sit with me

Come sit with me
Tell me what is right below the surface
Share your inner desires
What is moving you
What lights you up
Share your heart, your soul
Share all of you
I will hold your hand
Listen deeply to your stories
Never judge you
Just be right there for you
Tell me where you come from
And where you wish to go
Tell me anything and everything
Do not be afraid to laugh or to cry
I will catch your tears and hold your smile close
Together let's reminisce
Make plans for the future
And live right here in the moment
You aren't meant to do it all alone
So come site beside
Together we will be

snail mail love

Your words matter.  What you say, what you write, what you share ... it matters.  All of it.  I am a firm believer in this and have seen it's power in full affect through the Love Notes Postcard Project.  You do not need to personally know someone to touch there lives.  One single sentence arriving in their mailbox can change their day. 

And so we show up.  Spilling the contents of our hearts out onto the page.  We open up.  We take risks.  We share the deepest parts of our souls and we see that we aren't alone.  We all feel scared sometimes.  We all fall down and struggle to get back up.  We all worry and cry and hurt.  And we know that it is going to be ok because we aren't alone.  We are surrounded by love from those we know, those we don't, and surrounded by love from the universe.  

There are times the universe throws us into a tizzy and we can't tell up from down.  Yet not how hard we fall we still find hope in the universe.  We can trust the universe because it shows up for us time and time again.  It reveals it's smiling face, gives us stunning sunsets, and teaches us to seek out laughter.  The universe is a constantly surprises us with it's beauty and love.  There are times it may be hard to find but if we search hard enough and stay open to it's infinite possibility there it is, waiting there with open arms.   

So we continue to press on.  Sharing, loving, giving, being.

These words have been inspired by the first prompt from the Love Notes Postcard Project.  

I can trust the universe because .... 

There are so many incredible and inspiring individuals who are a part of this project.  They bring so much heart and soul to their words and they trust that if they send words out they will receive them back.  It is incredible dance of beauty and grace between strangers.  Curious who some of these amazing people are?  Come join me on the virtual dock and say hello to them.  Interested in the Love Notes Postcard Project?  Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know when the April round sign up's are open.  

the truth of your story

You must tell the truth of your story
Share all of the pieces that make up who you are
You must show yourself to the world
Perfectly imperfect
Exactly as you are
Because you are beautiful
Creating magic wherever you go
Just by being yourself

You must open up your hearts and soul
Allow them to let beauty and goodness to enter
You must not be afraid of what could happen
Stay curious
Live boldly
Soak everything in
Embrace what is before you
Then share it with the world

You must breathe deeply
Letting everything in
The happiness as well as the sadness
Each of these things balancing out the other
Do not be afraid of your tears
Wear them proudly
Do not be afraid to smile
Let others see how deeply you sparkle

You must be true to yourself
Each and every day
Standing strong in who you are
Standing up for what you believe in
Leaning in and pulling others close
Knowing that the world needs to see you
Exacly as you are
Yes, you must tell the truth of your story

be a seeker of your own life

Be the seeker of your own life
Find what moves you
Discover what lights you up
Never give up on your dreams
Constantly be learning
This is your one wild and precious life
It becomes what you make of it
You can create something divine
If you choose to go after it
You can find your own spark
Ignite it with wild passion
Don't ever give up on it
This is your time to shine
This is your time to choose YOU
Yes, you
What do you want
Where do you want to go
What steps can you take right now to get you there
Go ahead
Take them
Continue to seek
For it is in this seeking that you will find your heart
Your soul
Your you