one life to live

36 years roaming this planet
13 years serving it up at Chilis
8 years at TRU
6 years together
5 years since moving from my studio apartment
3 years in marketing
2 years back on Franklin Turnpike
2 years since losing my mom
A countless number of miles ridden
6 flights to Aruba
1 cross country adventure
1 time getting lost in the woods
1 bike ride to the lighthouse
5 foxes crossing my path
3 trips to squam lake
2 west coast retreats
1 failed attempt at writing a book
1 yoga teacher certification obtained
15 years of friendship
1 divine moment of intervention
A lifetime of saying yes
An uncountable amount of choosing no
1 burning desire for adventure
1 dream to ride to California on my bicycle
1 move to Pennsylvania
1 chance for a final goodbye
3 seasons doing something I enjoyed
1 sixty mile ride
1 bookstore conversation that changed everything
3 movies that feed my soul
1 pile of books that are my life line
1 lesson learned after another
5 pairs of running shoes in my closet
26 journals filled with words
A countless number of times I fell down, and got back up again
1 library card
1 three dollar and sixty cent fine
1 chance encounter
1 question looming over my head
4 jars filled with feathers
1 ring I always wear
1 place I feel most me
5 four forty five am wake up calls to move my body
10 mins of meditation
2 legs to take me where I want to go
1 dream of seeing the northern lights
2 songs that take me back
A lifetime of memories made
1 desire for more
8 strands of twinkle lights
2440 moments documented
1 mission
Over 250 love note senders
3 bottles tossed into the sea
A countless number of hearts found
1 life being created by the choices I make and the way I show up
Because I only get this one chance, and I am the creator of my destiny
I choose where I am going to go and what I am to do
And so I take this one chance to make the most of it
1 wide open heart, living moment to moment

stepping forward

Meet me at the waters edge
Together we will stop time
Even if just for a brief second
As we savor the sound of the oceans tide
Holding hands
And sharing our dreams of what we can become
Carrying with us the stories of the past
Recognizing what we learned
And stepping boldly into this moment
We understand we cannot rewrite what has been done
And we know that neither of us wants to
For it is what has shaped us
Unexpected twist and turns
Detours down unknown roads
A lifetime of learning tucked inside our hearts
We understand it won't be easy
But nothing worth it ever is
What we do know is that we are stepping forward, together
As we look out into the horizon
Our future looks bright
Even though we are uncertain of the details it holds
We know we must take the risk
Leaping into the great unknown
Unprepared for what's to come
Our hearts are filled with hope
Our minds are set on the road ahead
Together we embark on this great adventure called life

how two words can change your life, forever

For as long as I roam around on earth there is a story that will play on repeat in my head.  The story of how two words shattered my heart and changed my life.  This is a tale I never thought I would have to tell.  Yet here I stand, telling it again and again.  

It is two years later and I am still picking up the pieces of that broken heart.  I am trying to put it back together again but like a plate that busted as it hit the floor there are a few missing pieces that can't be found.  You glue the plate back together, but it is never the same.  Yes, it is usable but the cracks are visible and you know you have to be a little extra gentle each time you use it.  

This is how my heart feels.  

You may not be able to see the missing pieces but I can feel them and I know I need to be tender.  Especially in this moments when the memories come flooding back and those two words play over and over again in my mind.  

Stage four

Two words that if spoken separately provoke no concern. but when you string them together everything changes.  Hearts break.  Worlds come crumbling down.  Life as you know it becomes changed forever.  

He and I stood outside the hospital room as the Doctor was talking to my parents and I didn't want to bust in and interrupt.  My mom had been rushed their earlier in the day and we had little details of what was wrong.  She has just battled breast cancer and my initial thought was maybe she wasn't feeling well because of the radiation.  As we stood in the hallway waiting the door of the hospital room closed and my heart sank.  I felt helpless and afraid.  

Waiting for what felt like an eternity my mind quickly ran through every worse case possible scenario.  Yet none of these scenarios prepared me for what I was about to hear.  Stage four.  The cancer has spread to her liver and her lungs.  

I felt as if someone had completely drained the oxygen from my entire body and I was unable to breath.  I stood in front of the one women who protected me my entire life and my immediate instinct was to do whatever I could to protect her.  I did not want her to feel the fear that was swirling inside of me.  I did not want her to know the millions of questions I had no answers to.  I did not want her to see me cry.  I stood there, being as brave as I could concentrating only on the next immediate moment in front of me and not letting my mom see my crumbling heart.  

As we walked outside the hospital I was deflated.  How could this have happened?  A mere few weeks ago we just celebrated her being "cancer free".  What was going on?  I felt exhausted and drained.  

"At least it is stage four" he said. 

I looked at him quizzically.  "Stage four is the worst" I replied.  

And even though it was heartbreaking in that moment it was those two words that made me smile.  I realized that even in the hardest of moments there is love and compassion.  He just wanted to be there for me and make it better.  Even though he knew he couldn't stop the pain he wanted me to know that he was there for me.  As we stood next to each other I knew that I was about to face one of the hardest journey's of my life but I wasn't going to have to do it alone.  Together we would navigate this newly shattered heart.  

what I don't want to forget from She Recovers NYC

This past weekend I attended the She Recovers NYC conference.  When I first saw the posting about it I was immediately drawn to it and my heart said yes.  I did not waste any time contemplating.  I checked the dates and signed up.  Something deep inside was telling me I needed to be there, even though I didn't know why.    

I showed up, alone.  Unsure of what to expect or what I was even getting myself into.  I made a promise to keep my heart open and lean deeply in.  I am grateful for this weekend.  For the moments that unfolded, the words that touched me, and the people that were there.  Before any story slips away I want to jot them down so I can hold onto them forever.  

What I don't want to forget from this weekend is:

  • The way Amy and Jen scooped me up and invited me in.  And how even when we lost track of one another we found each other.    
  • A room full of 500 kick ass women who have been through the ringer and who have chosen to show up, do the work, and stand in their truth and in their light.  There is so much power in this.  
  • Lunch conversation and the incredible women who opened up their hearts and shared their stories with pure honest conviction.  They were not stories of rainbows and butterflies.  They were dark, hard moments.  But they shared the truth of these stories without judgment or shame.  
  •  The moments I rushed back to the hotel room and the moments I allowed myself to slow down and be present with my surrounding.  A reminder to slow down more often.  
  • Seeing people who looked just like someone else I know.  There is something to this.  I just can't put my finger on it yet.  
  • Experiencing two deeply intentional and spiritual yoga classes.  It wasn't about getting physically fit.  It was about getting stronger in your mind, body, and spirit.  I know that this is the type of work that I want to do in the yoga community.  
  • Learning that the details of the story do not matter as much as how you use the pain.    
  • Hearing Elena Brower read words read from Prayers of Honoring by Pixie Lighthorse and see how my circles are really connected.  
  • Getting lost, so very lost.  But finding my way.  
  • And these words

"Your sensitivity is your greatest gift.  It is what you will use to set the world on fire". - Glennon Doyle Melton

"Move beyond the duality of either/or and hold the "and" - Nikki Myers

"Part of going through life with empathy is understanding it is not about you". - Elizabeth Vargas

"It's not up to me what I have to go through.  It's up to me how I handle it". - Gabby Bernstein

Sometimes there is a simple calling, an immediate "yes".  And we dig deep into our hearts and trust that yes even though we have no idea why we are trusting it. That is what this weekend was.  A moment of trusting the "yes".  I am so glad that I did.  As I continue to process I am sure more stories will unfold but I want to leave you with one last thought.  

This journey called life is not a solitary expedition. We are not here to hash through it alone.  First lean deeply into yourself and get to know who you are at the core.  Then reach your hand out and invite others in.  When you share the truth of who you are, you encourage others to do the same and you will see that you are not alone, ever.  

you are not alone

If there is one thing I could tell you in this moment it would be that you are not alone.  I know there are times when it may feel that way.  You think no one understands you and you are on an island.  But here is the thing.  You are not.  

You are not alone

There are individuals who love and adore you.  They are cheering you on.  They want to see you smile.  They care deeply about it.  I know when you are in the thick of it, it is hard to see that they are there.  But they are.  

Do not hesitate to reach out.  They want to help you.  They want to be there for you.  Sometimes people don't know you are going through something until you tell them.  Don't be shy.  Share your heart.  Be vulnerable.  Be brave.  When you do this others see your strength.  They feel your heart.  And they lean deeply in.  

We are all human and we have the same feelings and emotions.  We may not all go through the same experiences, but we understand the feelings.  We know what hurt, disappointment, fear, love, and sadness feels like.  When we see others hurting, we want to help.  

So remember.  You are not alone, ever.  

choosing me

And the time came when you knew that you had to drop all of the balls you were juggling and you had to start taking care of yourself. Because no one else was going to do it for you.  Because now is as good a time as any to start.  Because even when you don't know where or how to begin you simply put one foot in front of the other and take that first step forward.  

It is time for me to show up for myself.  I have been making to many choices that don't feed my soul.  The cold winter months have left me stagnant and I haven't been moving my body as much as it craves and desires.  I know that I need to take time for myself.  I need to choose with intention and develop a new way of living.  

And so I begin.  One foot in front of the other.  Making conscious decisions and choosing with my whole heart.  I have Tone It Up to thank for the push that I needed to get myself into the game.  Their Bikini Series plan came right when I was struggling the most and wasn't sure how to crawl myself out of the rabbit hole.  

But here I am climbing out.  Taking time to shop for healthy foods.  Prepping them ahead of time so I have something to take for lunch and no excuses for not making dinner.  I am back to waking up early and moving my body.  It feels so good to be in motion again.  I am also drinking more water, journling more often, and remembering why I am choosing to live this way.

It's about feeling strong and having more energy.  Looking at myself in the mirror and being able to smile at the girl looking back at me.  It's about pushing myself to my edge and knowing that I can overcome the challenge.  It's about showing up day after day.  Seeing food as fuel and intentionally eating.  It's about setting goals and chasing after them.  It's about life and wanting to take care of this one body that I have.  

This isn't a sprint.  It is a life long journey. For me this journey is about balance and not completely restricting myself from the things I enjoy.  Will I still eat ice cream?  Of course, but not every day.  And will I slip up?  Of course.  I am human.  But that doesn't mean I can't get back up again and keep going on the path I am traveling.  

So here I am.  Choosing to move in the direction that I want to go in.  Taking my life into my hands and making the decisions that are best for me.  I am putting myself first and choosing to love myself on this journey.  I am giving myself space to bloom.  And I am showing up each and every day, for me.  

How about you?  How are you choosing to show up for yourself?  What ways are you making space for yourself to bloom?

"and the world spins madly on"

My friend recently lost her mom.  Upon hearing the news my heart was filled with so much love for her.  I could relate to that strange feeling where you knew your life was changed forever, yet you couldn't grasp that it was actually true.  

I remember standing in the coffee shop days after learning the severity of my own mom's diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.  The world was spinning madly on and I couldn't understand how that was possible.  Life as I knew it was crumbling around me and yet there were people going about their day to day activity.  Didn't they know that I was on the verge of being changed forever?  Couldn't they see the sadness in my eyes?  Did they not feel the hurt spilling from my heart?  They rushed passed me, not even noticing that I was there.  

When you are in this deep phase of sadness every day task's take an incredible amount of effort to complete.  Before you would wake up and brush your teeth as if you were on autopilot.  But within the grief you need to literally push yourself out of bed and force yourself to do something so ordinary.  It is as if everything has slowed down and you are living in a thick cloud of fog.  

I stood in the coffee shop this morning.  Consciously choosing to tuck my phone into my pocket and look around.   I know nothing of the lives of the individuals sharing this space with me.  I don't know what they did right before they arrived here or where they were going after.  For someone their life could be changing and I would become that person rushing past them.  

We never know what someone else is going through.  We do not know if they just had the best moment of their life or if they are struggling to complete an ordinary task like ordering a cup of coffee.  This realization is a reminder to always treat people with kindness.  Have patience with strangers, and be willing to cut people some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt.  

That person driving erratically past you; maybe they are on the way to the hospital for that last moment with their loved one.  Sure it looks and feels like and ordinary day for you but for them their is nothing ordinary about it.  

Together let's remember to open our hearts a little bit wider and choose kindness.  Smile at strangers, hold the door open, say please and thank you.  It is these simple gestures that bring peace and calm to those who are in the haze, and it also brings more love to our world. This world could use all the love that people are willing to give it.  Let's fill it with hearts!

:: A little musical inspiration which inspired the title of this post ::


you need to find the love within you first

And the day came when you knew that love was there,
you just had to be strong enough to look for it
and brave enough to let it in
Because in fact it was around you always
you just weren't ready to see it
You had your blinders on
Your heart was closed, your soul was heavy
You thought the world was out to get you
and you lead with an iron fist
But somewhere along the way you began to soften
Speaking kind words of gratitude and compassion to yourself
The sun began to sparkle
The blue sky radiated
You had a little bit of a pep in your step
and although you didn't know why
you knew you couldn't continue to travel the way you used to
You had to put down your baggage
You had to begin a brand new kind of self talk
You had to dig deep inside and work to unearth your own confidence
No one was going to build you up, 
you needed to do that on your own
And so you did
Piece by piece
Moment by moment
You put yourself back together again
And when you looked in the mirror you actually loved who was looking back
It took work
Many tears
And lots of frustration
But you found your path
Your very own path
And you knew how to travel down it, because you were the one creating it
Your inner spark was lit
and a brand new love story was born
A story of kindness, hope, and deep self love
You unearthed the you that was there all along
The one hidden under the rubble
And you realized that life is so much more beautiful when you choose happiness
When you choose to be brave and stand up for what you believe in
When you choose YOU
And yes, it still takes work
And there are still struggles and tears
But you know it is worth it, so very worth it
Because love is all around
But you have to find it in yourself before you can see it anywhere else

taking care of you

The past few days I have been under the weather.  Stuffy nose, fever, sore throat, achy ears; you know the drill.  It happened a few days after coming back from vacation and I felt incredibly guilty about calling in sick to work.  I had just been off for an entire week only a few short days ago, how could I possibly tell them that I was going to stay home?  I knew my body needed to rest but my mind was pushing me hard to just show up.  

Just show I said to myself.  You need to be there.  You can't call out.  But here's the thing; I knew if I showed up I would be incredibly unproductive.  It's hard to stay focused and work, sitting at a desk all day when your body just isn't up for it.  There is only so much you can push until it will all come crumbling down, harder than you when it had started. 

I live in a fast paced world where things need to have been done yesterday, even though I only found out about them today. Constantly on the move. Striving to be better.  Pushing, pushing, pushing.  With all the pushing there are times my body pushes back and forces me to slow down.  But why was my body doing this to me shortly after returning from a week of relaxing?  Hadn't I spent my time slowly down.  Wasn't I recharged enough?  

It is hard to find time to take care of myself.  It always feels over indulgent and I always tend to feel guilty.  But why?  We need to take care of ourselves.  When we do that we are able to be our best selves for those around us.  It is like they say on an airplane; put on your own oxygen mask first.  If you don't do that you won't be able to help those around you.  

Even through the guilt I listened to my body and I stayed home.  I knew it was exactly what I needed and showing up just because I felt I had to wasn't a good enough reason to show up.  I wasn't missing anything important.  I could always take some extra time when I was feeling better to catch up.  The world wasn't going to crumble because I had to stay in bed.  And so I did just that.  I stayed in bed, I rested, and I choose to take care of myself.  

You must choose yourself.  Make the time, even if it means scheduling time just for you.  It is important to tend to your soul.  To be fully present with how you are feeling and follow your gut.  When you body says stay home, listen and take care of yourself.  

I know it is hard but your body will thank you.  You only have one body and once chance to get it right, so go ahead and make the best possible choices that you can.  

How do you take care of yourself?  What do you do to nurture your soul?

what if this was it?

What if this was it?
What if this was your one chance to take a leap into the great unknown
Open your heart
Live out loud
What if you were brave enough in this moment to take the risk you have always wanted to take
What would you do?
Where would you go?
What one thing would you make happen?
We are always waiting for the perfect moment, perfect opportunity, perfect chance
Yet that perfect time never arrives
You have to take advantage of the moments you have right now
Live with intention
Choose the path you want to go down
You have to take things into your own hands
The time is now
Yes, right now
Take a deep breathe in
Close your eyes
Imagine what your next step will be
Open them up, then go for it
What are you waiting for?
This is it
Your time is now
Live in the moment
And leap into the wild unknown

It's time to begin

It's time to begin
The world is waiting for you to shine your light
I understand it may feel scary
But know that you are never alone
Take that brave step forward
Follow where your heart is guiding you
Be present in the moment
And never give up on your dreams

It's time to begin
To say yes to what is lighting you up
And no to what you no longer serves you
Make the choices that feed your soul
And choose the direction you want to travel
Don't get hung up on how it will all come together
Trust your own intuition
Do it your own way

It's time to begin
Believing in yourself
Seeing yourself as the amazing individual you are
Speaking words of kindness when you look in the mirror
Showing the world your bright beautiful smile
Standing tall with your head held high and your shoulders back
Feeling the love that surrounds you
Yes, it is time to fully step into yourself

Don't wait another second longer
Do one small thing today that gets you closer to where you want to be
Lean in and ask for help
Allow others to see your vulnerability
Stay true to who you are
And unearth the potential you have within
It is time to begin
Go ahead, get started


The writing prompt:  "It's time to begin" was pulled from this current round of the Love Notes Postcard project.  Another round started today and my heart is exploding with love knowing that people will be sharing their words with strangers.  

Your words have power. What you share with others has the potential to crack them open.  You never know what one thing will inspire you and you also never know what you do that inspires others.  So put your best foot forward.  Be strong, be brave, be kind.  The world could use all the kindness that people are willing to pour into it.  

Step out from the shadows

The time has come for you to emerge from the shadows.  To stand tall in who you are.  To actively go after your dreams. You were not brought here to act small. Live out loud.  Take up space. Allow yourself the opportunity to be seen and heard by sharing your voice with compassion. Choose grace.  Be curious and open your heart to what is possible. Make plans for the future but do not hold onto them to tightly. Allow  the unknown to unfold before you and unearth the joy it unleashes. Choose to reach out your hand. Be kind to others. Smile often. Know that the good you put out will come back to you and not allow you to stand know the shadows for to long. 

Yes, the time has come for you to shine. Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate. Because today is your day. Create it with brilliance and radiate boldly. 

it's time to write your next chapter

We made it.  Through another winter.  Where the darkness crept in but we kept the light burning.  Things slowed down.  The cold air kept us inside.  We hunkered down and hibernated.  Choosing to curl under blankets rather than take off on an adventure.  We were gentle with ourselves.  Easing into the days and quietly settling into the dark nights.  

But we are ready to bloom again.  To step into the sunshine and breathe deeply into what is possible.  It is time to create our own new beginning.  It is time to bring movement and adventure back to our daily lives.  It is time to get outside and run freely.  The spark of creativity is ready to be ignited.  

And so we begin.  On the first day of Spring with hope in our hearts.  We look forward to days filled with light and dream up new adventures to take.  We know the energy that the sun infuses into us and we are ready to blaze a new path forward.  

Time passes quickly.  We must make the most of our moments and write our own incredible stories.  For we are the creators of our life.  We choose where we are going and what we will do when we get there.  Don't waste a single second more.  Begin today to create the most epic story, ever.    

What story are you writing?  What one thing can you do to begin to create the story of your dreams?  

Writing Prompt:  The next chapter of my story is going to include ... 


showing up

As I lay on my yoga mat before class begins the quietness envelopes me. This space is my sacred home. Where I can show up exactly as I am. I do not need to say a word to anyone.  I can quietly walk in, lay down on my mat and be right where I am. There are moments during my practice that I close my eyes and sink deeper into the movement.  I do not worry about what the person next to me is doing, I move the rhythm of my own breathing.  My mat is my sacred space. 

One of my most favorite things about yoga is there is no judgement.  You can show up and simply choose to lay on your mat and breathe, and that is ok.  You move your body the way it moves.  You can as far as you want, as far as you can go.  There is no expectation to look like anyone else.  Your practice is yours alone and it is called a practice for a reason. 

I choose to show up on my mat.  There are days my body doesn't want to move.  Moments when the pose feels to hard or my mind just isn't in the game.  But then their are those magical days when all the stars are are aligned and I move with grace and ease. Stepping into the room I never know how I will adjust and settle in.  But one thing I know for certain is that I must show up.  

I try to transfer this feeling of just showing up into my every day life. Just being as I am with no expectations.  It is not alway any easy thing to do.  But when I lose my way I remind myself to slow down and just breathe.  

making the most of mornings

It is early in the morning.  The sun has not yet risen and I quietly get out of bed not wanting to wake him.  The morning is my sacred time.  A chance to enter into the day gently, on my own terms.   I savor the quiet, the darkness, the peace before the world wakes up.

I have not always been a morning person.  I used to hit the snooze button more times than I can even remember.  I would then roll out of bed in a hurry and rush to work, eating breakfast at my desk.  My mind not yet ready to begin.  A sudden jolt into the day leaving me feeling off and out of sorts. 

Once I began to carve out time in the morning my entire day shifted.  I give myself a chance to begin where I am and enter into the day slowly and with ease.  Some days I go to a yoga class or just do five moves in my living room.  I am looking forward to the warmer weather returning so I will be motivated to lace up my sneakers and head out for a run.  I meditate and sometimes write in my journal.  When I arrive at work my mind is calm.  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.  

I did not think switching up my morning routine could change my life, but it has.  What I do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day.  On the days that I don't wake up early I can feel it in my body and my mind.  It has taken work to push myself out of bed, especially on those cold winter mornings but carving out this time just for me is soul tending and a big part of my self care routine.   

What way can you tend to your soul?  What time can you carve out in your day for a little bit of self care?  

keep stepping forward

Some days you feel like you have been knocked down
Struggling to get back up
An enormous weight crushing your heart and shattering your every move
You can't tell up from down
And you wish you would have just stayed in bed
We all have had these days
It could be just one thing that knocks you to your knees
Or many tiny little ones
It becomes a struggle to take that next step forward
But you must
Because you do not know what is on the other side
A new opportunity
Another chance
That ray of sunshine that will brighten everything
Yes, of course I know it could just be something else to knock you down
But you must keep moving forward
Because eventually you will get through
You will come out on the other side
One way or the other
Lean on others when you need support
Reach out
Ask for help
Remember, you aren't in this alone
Keep stepping forward

snail mail sunday

When is the last time you took a moment to sit down and write someone a letter?  Yes, with a pen and paper.  Has it been so long that you cannot even remember? The Love Notes Postcard Project sparks my creativity throughout the year but even in between rounds I find it is important to  send out little bits of snail mail love.

There does not need to be a special occasion to send out a card or letter.  And you do not need any fancy type of paper.  I am sure around your home right now you have something you could write on, and something you could write with.  

Sundays have become turned into my day to take time to write out some snail mail love.  It feels good to intentionally write to someone.  To think of them as the words spill onto the page and to know that they will be surprised when the letter arrives.  

Aren't sure what to say?  How about starting with one of these prompts:

  • I remember the first day we met.  You were ____ and I was ____.  
  • My most favorite memory of us together is ....
  • Top three things I love about you are ...

Go ahead and send someone a letter.  I guarantee you will make their day.  

stay true to your heart

Because now more than ever you must listen to your heart and carve our own path forward.  There are many other voices looking to find their way in.  Stealing your time, trying to push you from where you are going.  But you know what what you want to do.  You know where you want to go.  

Go for it!

Happiness is your priority.  Kindness is something you hold dear.  Love is all that really matters.  Stay true to your values.  Speak up for what you believe in.  Do not let anyone rob you of the goodness that is in your heart.  

Listen to what others are saying, not only their words but their actions.  Understand where they are coming from and do not place any judgment on why you think they are doing what they are doing.  Just show up as you.  With your heart wide open ready to give.  

You will find your way when you stay true to YOU.  Don't give up, even when you get pushed down.  Don't give in, even when others are trying to string you along.  Smile wide.  Invite someone in.  

Be brave.  Be bold.  Be YOU

because your words can change someones day

"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change" ~ Bob Kerrey

Throughout our lives we all encounter moments of struggle that rip us apart.  It is in these moments that we cannot tell up from down and we aren't sure if we will ever be able to stand on our own two feet again.  So we retreat into the comfort of the darkness.  

Yet, we are not meant to go at it alone.  There is a world filled with divine human beings who want to reach out, lend a helping hand, and let you know that you are seen.  

I have watched this unfold first hand through the Love Notes Fairy's and it has continuously restored my faith in love, compassion, and kindness.  

The Love Notes Fairy's are a group of individuals with wide open hearts.   They are ready and willing to send out handwritten notes to individuals they have never met.  They open their hearts because they understand the power of good will and they know that even a few words written on a card can shift someones day. Most likely they will never meet the people they write to, but they are ok with that.  They know what matters most is reaching out.     

Each month nominations are submitted by friends, family, and neighbors of individuals who could use a little extra love.  Some life circumstance has brought them to their knees and receiving a bouquet of love notes delivered to their mailbox (yes, their real mailbox) is something their friend knows will help bring a bit of sunshine to their days.  

And so the fairy's get to work.  They send out cards with no expectation of anything in return.  They may never even hear if their card was received.  But, they understand the chain reaction of kindness that can occur and trust the universe to inspire others to continue passing it along.  These fairies are beacons of light on dark days, carrying messages of hope, love, and compassion.  There is no judgment for where the other person is in their life, just words of tenderness.  

Sometimes all we need is to know that we are not alone. 

For the past five months the Fairies have been showing up and each day more join in on this secret mission of love. It is the simplest things in life, the small acts of kindness, that mean the most.  We must never forget this and choose that kindness each and every day.  

One recipient of the Love Note's Fairy Love has shared these words about her experience being surprised by the notes:

"I feel loved
I feel wrapped up in a blanket of healing
I feel a burst of joy in my heart
I feel how much they care
The love of strangers is one of my greatest joys!" - Ingrid

This is what it is all about.  A blanket of healing letting a stranger know that there are others out there who care, and that they are never ever alone. Yes, this can all happen with one single card arriving in someone's mailbox. Something that may take you two minutes to do can cause an incredible shift in someone's life.  

Go ahead, send a card today.  I dare you!  Let someone know you see them, you love them, and that they are never alone.  Pop it in the mail and release all expectations of what is to come.  Just allow the universe space to work it's magic.  

And if you want to spread a little more joy and love join in on the Love Note's Fairy Secret Mission.  You will be so glad you did.  

happiness is always there, take a moment to see it

I arrive home exhausted. The weight of the work day can been seen in my tired eyes.  Running from meeting to meeting I didn't get a chance to step outside and breathe in the fresh air.  I feel has if I have been put through the ringer, all my energy depleted. 

Darkness has set in and feel a pang of regret for not seeking out the light.  

Nothing grand happened today.  No monumental moment of fun.  It was an average workday where I felt buried in all that I needed to accomplish  But admits the piles of paper, the inbox filled with emails that need responding, and the countless number of meetings I know that there is still something to be grateful for.  Even if it is only one thing there is something that has filled my heart with happiness.  

Before heading off to bed I pause in front of my happiness jar and pull out one slip of paper. I take the time to reflect on my day and think about what moment I want to write down.  There was the text from a friend that arrived right when I needed it most.  There was the way he smiled when I tucked him in before I headed out the door.  The light of my salt lamp on my desk filing my heart with peace and calm.  The warmth of my heated seat on the cold morning drive.  The way the printer cooperated and did not jam as I was running to get something printed moments before the meeting.

What may have felt like an exhausting day was filled with ordinary moments of goodness.  It is these slivers of time that make up my days and if I do not slow down to appreciate them they will simply slip away.  

Moments of happiness do not need to be grand and extravagant.  It can be as simple as a smile from a stranger.  A warm bed in the morning.  A chance to begin again.  

Take the time seek out the happiness.  Cherish every bit of it and the love the heck out of your life.  For each moment is a new beginning.  An opportunity to choose the light over the darkness.  What moment made you happy today?