give thanks

give thanks.jpg

The world shows us it's brilliance, each and every day
The sun shines, the stars sparkle, the ocean makes beautiful music
This place we call home greets us
Embraces us, and sometimes test us
But above all it provides a place to roam, to be, to grow

Give thanks for this space you have been given
To make choices
To decide which path you are going to go down
To be irresistibly, marvelously, YOU

Give thanks for the friends you have met along the way
The ones who have been there since the beginning
The fleeting friendships that came along right when you needed them
The ones who make you laugh and push you to dream bigger

Give thanks for your family
Who you may not always agree with, but is always there for you
For the love they have given you throughout your journey
The memories created and laughter shared

Give thanks for the ordinary moments
The cup of tea before the house wakes up
The feel of the fresh air on your skin when you run
The sound of your niece laughing

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks
For this beautiful life is so much sweeter when we recognize it's blessings
When you show gratitude for its greatness
And when you pause to simply say, "I am grateful"