sit with me

sit with me.jpg

Come sit with me and share the pieces of your heart that are troubling you
Tears have been flowing out of my eyes
And I am not sure why
Are you feeling similar?

Come sit with me and tell me what is making you smile these days
What is lighting you up, making you spark
Who is infusing your world with love
Where to find yourself most joyful

Come sit me 
Share you, all of you
The happy moments, and the sad times
Together let's lay them all out

I want to know what moves you
Where you are in this moment, right now
I want to hear about your dreams
Where you are headed, and how you want to get there

Come sit with me
I will look you in the eye
Listen to your heart
And hold your hand when the tears fall

Come sit with me

If you are the north jersey area I would love to sit with you in person and hear your story.  Let's get together for a little coffee conversation.  Drop me a note at