facing rejection


There are moments in life when we leap
Take a risk, totally unsure what the outcome will be
We hope, we dream, we wish
But we never know
And we are never fully prepared for when it doesn't go the way we wanted
Our heart broken
Our dreams shattered
Our hope washed out to sea
Taking the leap to risk isn't to hard
What is difficult is standing back up after we have been rejected
How do we gracefully stand again
How do we not take it personally and have the courage to try another time

I have taken that risk
The outcome was not what I wanted
And I am standing back up, a few tears later
I believe there was a reason, one that will show itself to me later on
I am learning that no matter how many times we try, rejection always hurts
It will never get easier
But one thing I do know for sure
We can't accomplish great things unless we go after them
So we must show up and take that leap
We must continue to try day after day
Even when we are faced with rejection