Now is the time to believe
Believe in what you think is not possible
Believe in the unknown
Believe that the world is working it's magic
And gifting you just what you need

Now is the time to take that chance
To follow your heart
Go after what it is you really want 
Leap into the unknown
And believe that it will work out as it is meant to

Now is the time to spread your love
Tell those around you that you care about them
Do not wait another day
Shout it from the mountain tops
And know that when you speak those words, it means so much

Now is the time to choose your own path
Don't follow someone else's lead
Take the reigns and go down your own road
Follow your heart
And know that by doing so the world will open up to you

Now is the time
There is no better time to start then today
What do you want your next step to be?
Where do you want to go?
Now is the time, believe in the power of your choices and leap