I am writing daily Heart Notes until January 3rd.   Only two days into this project and already my heart is overflowing with gratitude.  As I read emails from some of the recipient’s tears of joy have fallen from my eyes.  It feels so good. 

I am learning over and over again how amazing and beautiful things can unfold when we focus our mind. 

I have recently been focusing on eating healthier, preparing meals ahead of time, and infusing exercise into my daily routine.  I am feeling stronger mentally and physically. 

I remember when I first started exercising again.  Oh my goodness was it a struggle.  I couldn't lift the same amount of weight that I remember lifting.  Running a mile was torture when I used to be able to run three miles without a problem.  My mind spewed out so much negative self-talk it was ridiculous. 

But I kept showing up.  Day after day I showed up, even if I only did a little bit.  What mattered was that I was there.  Before I even realized it showing up was no longer a chore but something I deeply desired to do.  My mind shifted. 

I am now seeking out ways to push myself harder.  Go the extra step.  Do just one more pushup when I think I can’t.  It is a challenge for me to work out on my own.  I find that I push myself harder when I am with someone else or in a group setting. But circumstances do not allow that to happen often, so I must learn how to dig deeper and push myself harder. 

I have a big goal in mind that will take a lot of work to accomplish.  So I show up.  Day after day, especially when I don’t want to. 

Some of my favorite things for working out are:

These amazing headphones.  How many times have you gotten tangled in your headphone chord.  To many times for me to count.  Now I can run without getting all tangled up.

My shoes.  I know this type of shoe isn’t for everyone, but it has made running so much more enjoyable for me now that I no longer suffer from hip pain. 

Utilizing Rhapsody provides me the freedom to add songs to my {get moving} playlist in an instant.

And this song really gets me going.


What are some of your favorite things help get you moving?