this thing called love


I have been obsessed with it lately, especially after seeing the play Once
It has been on my brain, and haunting me in my dreams
It is such a peculiar thing

What makes us love another?
How do we instantly know someone is something different?
What happens with love that we end up losing it?

I remember when I was single.  I went to the bookstore to meet a friend and saw a guy reading in the magazine section.  Instantly I was attracted to him.  There were many people in the bookstore that day, but for some reason he caught my attention.  Before we even spoke a word to one another I couldn't get him out of my mind.  I kept passing by to see if he was still there and we consistently made eye contact and smiled at one another.  I wanted to talk to him.  I wanted to get to know him.

What was it about him that I was instantly attracted to?  
Why with so many other people in the bookstore did my senses hone in on him?

Before Dustin and I met in person we had been chatting over the phone.  I had only seen photos of him, but wasn't exactly sure what he looked like.  As soon as he walked through the doors of the restaurant, without even knowing if it was him or not, I said to myself "If that is him, this is going to be so good."  It was just a feeling that my heart and mind had.  

What caused this instantaneous knowing?

Love is a feeling
It jolts you out of the ordinary and into a dream like state
It can make you feel so good, and so bad all within seconds of each other

Love is strong
It endures, yet it also falls apart
It is filled with a mixture of feelings

This thing called love gets the wheels in my mind wondering
It leaves me with more questions than answers
Yet it always has me trusting it, and falling deeply into it

Love makes the world go round
Love moves mountains and makes us do things we never dreamed of
Love is magical

This thing called love is the beginning of a conversation that I am diving into
Examining it, dreaming with it
And learning the dance that it endures