stepping into fall

fall running

Standing here 
Legs tired
The air much warmer than when I set out
Struggling to take another step forward
Amazed at making it this far

The fall days are setting in
Running is different 
Darkness sets in sooner
A cool chill fills the air
Layers are required, and sometimes a flashlight

Transitioning over to this hasn't been welcoming on my body
Resistant to the change
Wishing the warm summer air would stay a bit longer
Running more cautiously 
Keeping fingers crossed an injury does not occur

How do you walk gently into the changing of the seasons?
Do you welcome them home with open arms
Or are you fighting with them
Denying the fact that the change comes
No matter what you say

I mixed between battle mode, and loving the colors
The bright oranges, reds, and yellows fill me with hope
And infuse inspiration into my soul
They rustle as I run past cheering me on 
Pushing me closer to home

With each ending there is a new beginning
As the seasons change a new flux of energy flows
In and out, in and out
We are never the same
And yet we go through familiar feelings again and again