why I run

Some wonder why I do it
They do not understand my need to show up day after day
It is about putting one foot in front of the other
Looking forward
I cannot change what is behind me
I can only keep going
It is about letting loose
Getting out of my head space
It is about listening to the rhythm of my body
Feeling the steady ground below my feet
Having confidence and faith in what I am able to achieve
It is about strength, courage, and determination
The path may be filled with unknowns and unclear obstacles
But there are smiling faces waving back at me as I pass
Problems are worked out
Clarity arises as I settle into my rhythm
The song you I on repeat guides my next step
I go farther than I ever think possible
I make it to the top of the hill 
Throwing my hands up in the air in true Rocky fashion
I may slow down
But I never give up
I  always find the strength
And I always show up