The sun shone brightly
Reminding us to slow down
Soak it in 
Allow the day to take it's course

We found our place
With feet in the sand
I Devoured the words before me
As I sat next to the one I adore

We easily fell into this new rhythm
Lounging, laughing, chatting, and napping
We took the time we needed to recharge
As the day gently fell into night

We watched the sunset as if it was an epic movie
Soaking in it's artistic brilliance
We were awed, and enamored
We fell more deeply in love

We were never in a rush
Time passed and we traveled with it
We choose what to do based upon how we felt in the moment
And we were blissfully happy

Upon returning home we are rejuvenated
Feeling the calm that has washed over us
We are glowing with love, smiling
And grateful for our adventure