let's talk about the {m} word

When it comes to finances I take two steps forward and one giant step back
I cannot seem to get it under control
Navigating the course is a rough one
And student loan repayment seems never ending
One thing I have learned along this course 
Is the only way to get a good grasp is to put it all on paper
Take a real look at it, instead of my usual avoidance
I need to get into more of a cadence of doing this
Budgeting better
And consciously spending my money
I need to slow down
Take a step back
And learn how to move forward wisely

There is so much shame and avoidance associated with money
It is a topic we don't want to talk about
One we aren't sure how to approach
Yet one we could probably all use a little bit of help with
I would love to hear your thoughts on money management
Favorite tools you use to keep yourself in check
Systems you have adopted
Ways you stay on budget
Or games you play with yourself so you stay on track
All thoughts, tips, and ideas are welcome

Maybe here we can begin the conversation
Ease into this realm and learn from one another
Are you with me?