nana you are always in my heart

It was a year ago that we lost her, but it feels like yesterday
No matter how much time passes she will forever live in our hearts 
And be present in the way we live our day to day life

She had the most incredible amount of patience
Raising eleven kids I never once remember hearing her raise her voice
She was kind and loving

She inspected me for chicken poxs
And gave me the soft chocolate chip cookies,
The kind my mom would never buy

She always, always had a smile on her face
Never spoke a bad word about anyone
And made you feel like the most important person in the room

She listened, really listened
Was so proud of her family
And soaked in the love that always swirled around

She was the glue that held the family together
And even though she isn't here in person
She still holds us together

She would do anything for you
Fight off a kidnapper
And put a bandaid on your scrap

She always reminded you of what was really important in life
Her family was everything to her

She may be gone, but I see her around me
In the way my aunts and uncles interact
In the kind and caring way my brothers are with their own children

She is always there
Reminding me to be kind, 
And to treat people with respect, always

Even in her passing our family has stayed strong
We may have our differences
But we are always there for one another, always

It is amazing to see so many people come together
Holidays are filled with happiness
And even day to day we are reaching out to one another

Nana created a legacy
She is loved, respected, and will never be forgotten
She has made the Belthoff name one to be proud of

We all miss her smile every day
But hold her closely in our hearts
Nana, was and always will be my hero