love letter

There are so many things I want to tell you
But as the door opens, I am off to work
And when I come home you have already gone
But each moment that I sit here I think of you
My heart filled with gratitude
Love overflowing

I am grateful for your kindness
I am grateful for your love
I am grateful for your patience and your cheers

You let me be me
Even when I am quiet and reserved
You hold my hand
Shine a light on my dreams
And encourage me to go for it

I feel at home with you
It is a feeling like no other
I have never felt more me, than when I am with you

I know our schedules are busy
Our moments are fleeting
But with each day we are building our life, together

For it is you I want to always stand next to
You make me laugh, even if in the moment I want to cry
You bring so much happiness to my life
And remind me of how precious each day is

I love you
Am grateful to grow old with you
I love the memories we have created
The adventures we have taken
And the life we are building

Thank you for you