silent knowing

Dear {You}

We have never spoken a word to one another.  As I set off on my daily lunch time runs, you are there, every day in your car.  Windows rolled down, soaking in your lunchtime with a cigarette.  We never make eye contact, but I feel your presence and your silent cheers.  

The other day we passed one another in the hallway and had a silent look of knowing.  I felt as if you understood my dedication.  Were proud of me for showing up day after day.  And when I run past you, I always push myself a little bit harder.  

You are there when I leave.  And there when I return.  I am tired at the end, but when I see you sitting in your car I want to run as fast as I can.  

We may never know each others name, but I feel we have a mutual respect for one another.  You crave silence on you lunch hour.  Sitting in your car, windows rolled down, enjoying every puff of your cigarette.  

I take to the road alone.  Me and my music.  One foot in front of the other.  

We do not speak, but together we enjoy the silent company of the sky.  

Thank you for being there, even though you aren't even there for me.  I enjoy your company, even though we have never spoke a single word.  Thank you for pushing me further than I thought I could ever go.  And thank you for showing up day after day.  

One day I will tell you why I show up.  And I will soak in your story of silent comfort.  But until then we will meet, day after day in silence.