picking up the pace

It was that smile that got me as I passed you
We have spent hours talking about running
And as you looked at me I felt so vulnerable

Coming around the corner my legs did not want to continue
I had put in three miles and said to myself I was going to make it four
I was tired, but was not about to give up

I had no idea I would be crossing your path
As I rounded the corner, there you were
And I knew you were silently cheering me on as you waved

I reached for a little courage to push myself
Pick up the pace
And keep on going, faster than I thought I could

As I finished out my run your voice and smile kept me company
In my head I heard your cheers
Taking one step after the other, hoping to make you proud

After, you said I looked like a runner
Good pace, good stride, good cadence
My heart swelled with gratitude

You don't know this, but our conversations inspire me
They push me, and make me want to do better
When I am alone on the road your words play in my head

It was great to see you out there
In the past I never would have taken that road
To afraid to be seen

But there I was today, not only seen
But showing up, pushing myself,
And running my fastest pace yet