ignite the spark

It wasn't that long ago when I was extremely shy.  I wanted to blend in.  Wasn't sure how to begin or even carry on a conversation.  I wanted to take risk, but was also so timid of the world.  Throughout my journey there has been so much inspiration from others that has helped me get to where I am today . . . 

Stronger, braver, ready to face the world with courage.  

Today I would like to pay tribute to some of these individuals and experiences.  

The journey out of my shell began with me pursuing the book store and stumbling upon SARK.  Her book; Succulent Wild Women first caught my attention because of the colors and the font feeling like handwriting.  I savored every line in this book and have gone back to it time and time again.  So much so that the pages are falling out.  

SARK'S book introduced me to Andrea Scher and opened up the world of blogging.  I never realized so much support, encouragement, and open heart was out there on the internet.  I became an avid ready of Andrea's blog, and still am today.  She is wonderful!  

In 2008 Andrea taught at Squam Arts Workshops.  I took a risk and attended totally unsure of what the experience would entail.  What I encountered was beyond amazing.  Not only was there this encouraging and loving world online, but these people really existed.  And in person they cheered each other on even louder.  

Elizabeth, the founder of squam, has this amazing ability to create magic.  It is hard to put into words the life changing experience that squam is and has been for me.  {P.S. this spring I will be teaching a mini writing workshop there and am head over heels excited.  A total dream come true!}

At squam I was shy.  I sat back observing this magic, but wasn't sure how I fit into it.  Along the way I met Kelly Barton and had no idea that day, that we would develop such a wonderful friendship.  I know no matter what that I can turn to her.  

The following year I attended the Be Present Retreat hosted by the amazing Liz Lamoreux. Having one retreat under my belt I showed up more confidante and comfortable in myself.  It was during this time near the sea that I met the most stunning souls who have become like sisters to me.  It was also here where I first started to believe in myself as a writer.  

The journey to finding me has been a slow and steady one.  The above mentions are just the beginning.  Next Friday I will continue my story and let you know how I found my voice.