it is time

I know these roads well
I have traveled them often
I could close my eyes and still navigate the uneven terrain
My body has come accustom to the twist and turns
It prepares for the steep uphill, even before I round the corner

Each day I show up
Ready or not I begin
One step in front of the other
The comfort of knowing the path makes each step a little bit easier
My mind settles and I find my pace

As I breathe in and out, so much comes to mind
The things I want to do
The adventures I want to take
The things I wish I would just begin already
And the deeper desire to live more boldly

I find comfort on these roads
But know I must break free from them
Before I traveled down them, I wasn't sure I would make it to the end
But I have, and I did
And in my soul I can feel that I am ready for a new challenge

These roads have infused me with confidence
They have taught me that I can make it
My mind and legs are strong
They are ready to run father
Ready to run faster

There comes a moment in everything
Where we have learned from it what we will
Tucking into our pockets the strength that has been built
We are ready for the next adventure
And with confidence we take that step forward

It is time to find a new path
To chart roads I have yet to  navigate
It is time to find my way, again
To see what is out there just over the horizon
To deepen that passion that has been ignited