ignite the spark

Happy Friday!  This week has been filled with dancing, laughter, and so much inspiration. Filling my well this week has been:

This past weekend there was a family wedding and in our family that means dancing!  I was inspired by the photographer from Dove Photography who busted out his moves on the dance floor as he snapped pictures.  There is nothing better than watching someone love what they do, and have so much fun doing it.  

This video from "The Do Blog" is making me think about what it is I truly desire. 

You really can fake it until you make it and Amy Cuddy will encourage you to do just that.  

A couple from Australia is traveling the world for 365 days and capturing 365 documentaries with strangers.  365 Docobites is inspiring, intriguing, and raw.  They just posted videos from NYC and one of the interviews is with Amy and Maya who have a neat project of there own.  

Christine Mason Miller announced a course that falls directly in line with the dream I am currently building.  You will find me in the virtual classroom for sure.  

A dear friend of mine reminded me of how far I have come.  She is able to look in on the outside and see the journey.  Sometimes when you are in the thick of it you are unable to appreciate the lessons you are learning.  But when you take the time to go back you see with fresh eyes where you were and where you are.  As a part of my ignite the spark series I am going to share a post that speaks to me from this week in years past.  

I found the perfect one to start with:  Showing up -- from April 1, 2012.  Reading these words reminds me of how deep this lesson is.  And how each day I need to show up.  One foot in front of the other, time and time again.