ignite the spark

I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence.  She is honest, confidante, and real.  She is never afraid to laugh at herself, and seems so incredibly genuine.  These clips of her had me loving her even more.  

Totally in love with Book Book.  I have the case for my phone and laptop.  Before I had it for my phone I was constantly locked out of work because I would forget my Work ID.  Now it is always on me because I always have my phone.  What a life saver.  

If you are ever in need of a little laughter, watch this video.  

Every Christmas Love Actually is a must watch!  But even in Spring I still enjoy it.  And this is one of my favorite moments from this film.  

Have you heard of Creative Live?  It is a place where you can watch free online classes taught by the world's top instructors.  They have classes in Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Maker & Crafter, and Business & Money.  It is so good!!