dreams come true

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher

One year for christmas I received a teaching set, and was thrilled
I would make my brothers sit at the kitchen table as I taught 
Giving them report cards
Marking up their papers
Torturing them the way only a sister can
They didn't sit for long

For many years I taught at a day care center
Soaking in the inquisitive mind of three year olds
Keeping one little girl from flushing her shoe down the toilet
Creating projects, reading books, watching minds open up
As they learned something new, or made a friend
It was in the classroom that I was in my glory

There are many moments when I miss teaching
I love coming up with new ideas
Thinking outside of the norm
Creating connections, seeing growth
Each day was a new beginning
Another opportunity to try again

My mind used to be constricted
Thinking that teachers were only in the classroom
But they are not
Teachers are everywhere 
Each day we interact with them
As we ourselves grow and evolve

There are a multitude of ways to teach outside of the "traditional" classroom
In fact, the possibilities are endless
I have taught online and in person
Loving every minute of the experience
And in 14 short days I will be at Squam, teaching a letter writing workshop
There is nothing better than teaching something you are passionate about

My dream of teaching is living and breathing inside of me
And although I am not a "traditional" teacher
I am a teacher in so many other ways
It has taking me stepping back and observing to see this
There are many times are dreams come true the way we didn't plan
We just need to be open to the possibilities 

I am holding onto my teaching dream
Tucking it into my pocket and carrying it around with me
I never know when the big one will come true
But I know that no matter what happens along the way
I am ready to embrace it
Each small moment has something to teach us

:: what dream are you carrying around in your pocket? ::