soaring together

Come sit beside me
Tell me your story
Tell me what moves you
Tell me what brings tears to your eyes

I want to hear it all
The good times
The laughter
And even the sadness

I want to know about YOU
What you hide just below the surface
What you tuck into you heart, because you are to afraid to dream BIG
I want to know what you are holding onto

Sit with me
Let's dream together
Lets hold each others hands
And know that we are not alone

Lets travel the journey together
We will always remember where we came from
But with someone by our side we will be more willing to risk
We will be ready to dream, and to fly

Let's soar together
Hold my hand
I will walk the journey with you
I will be there when you need me, and cheering you on from a distance when you are flying

We got this
Together we can make anything happen
So sit with me
Let's start here, saying yes to our dreams and not going at it alone