out of shape

When you focus on one thing
You give yourself the opportunity to get really good at it
But you lose the other skills that you had cultivated along the way
You become rusty and out of shape

Laser focus can be fantastic, but it also leads to losing site of other things
When you concentrate only on your legs
Your arms become weak 
You forget what it is like to pull yourself up
When you try you become sore
And you remember the first time you made the attempt

We need to keep all the wheels running
Move all the parts and keep them engaged
This is true with fitness, but also in life

When you learn a new skill you need to keep at it
Practice, practice, practice
You will never learn a new language unless you try to speak it
Every single day

When you don't try you forget
Then you are back at square one
Stay on top of your game
Avoid getting out of shape
And giving attention to all of you

You will be so grateful you did