ignite the spark

This week has been filled up with family celebrations and it has been so nice gathering together.  I love getting together with family because there is always so much laughter.  

There was also a night of Lego Building and Painting which made me beyond happy!

My  friend Monica has been inspiring me to stay on track living a healthy and active lifestyle.  She believes that small changes = big results, and I couldn't agree more.  Monica first began by posting loads of inspiration on her facebook page and has since expanded to a blog.  FitFab 40 + is health and fitness inspiration for any age.  She just started her blog and already has some great content including being sure you are enjoying the journey and vision boarding your fitness goals.  She also has some great song choices for her workout playlist which may just inspire you to get up and get moving.  Check her out!  

Have you ever watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld?  It is fantastic.  One of my favorite episodes is with Brian Reagan.  This week I watched Sarah Jessica Parker and loved it!  Her enthusiasm for this car was hysterical and how they reminisceabout the past.