story power

There is so much power in YOUR story.  

I used to avoid my stories.  Tucking them in deep.  Afraid to face the truth.  Thinking that if I hid them no one would be able to see them.  However, the exact opposite is true.  People saw my timid behavior.  They knew there was something below the surface.  They knew they were never with me, only a version of myself that I was willing to share.  

I knew this had to change.  I had to start getting real.  Start being honest.  Start telling my stories.  This very blog was the beginning of that process for me.  I had no audience, but I had a forum.  So I began.  

It was easy to share the truth in my stories here because I knew {well thought} that no one was reading.  The doors of my heart swung open and spilled out what I was feeling.  Things that I would normally tuck deep down I gave a voice to.  It felt freeing to let it all come out.  

People I didn't know started to comment on my post.  I had no idea how they found me, but through these comments I began to learn that I wasn't alone.  Others had the same struggles and felt the way I did.  It was a comfort to know there was someone else out there walking a similar journey.  

Then there was the day I was truly found out.  The day my brother found my You Tube Dancing video and shared it with the family.  That was it.  I was no longer able to hide behind the curtain or pretend I was someone I wasn't.  They saw me, as me and it was the most freeing moment of my life.  

There has been so much growth since that moment. Real honest connections.  True stories told and shared.  A freedom to be me.  And an overwhelming amount of support for who I am and what I am passionate about.  Connections strengthened and bonds formed that I didn't think were possible.  I was able to stand in my light and smile.  

All of this would never have happened had I not began to tell my stories.  If I kept stuffing them into my pockets I would have just continued to weigh myself down.  It wasn't easy to be found out.  There was the moment of "oh f**k, this is going to be so embarrassing".  But I was in a better spot with myself.  I was able to laugh along with them at my silly dance moves and see the joy it brought to others.  My brothers teased me for sure, but it was with so much love.  

My stories set me free.  They gave me confidence to go after my dreams.  
My stories carved a path for me.  They lead me home.
My stories taught me that through truth doors open.  They made me realize that we can't hide forever.  

I am so grateful for this space on the internet.  For the way it gave me permission to begin.  This space has held my journey with so much love and tenderness.  It has never once judged me and always allowed me to show up exactly as I was.  Even when I was bleeding or sad it held me.     

Grant yourself permission today to tell your true stories.  Know that it may be difficult to begin, but in the end you will be so grateful you had.  Know that you deserve to stand in your own light!