breathe it in

It was unexpected
A moment of color and love
Greeting me as I walked past
A simple expression of kindness and heart
Shared so freely
You could see the care that went into each stitch
You felt the gratitude and  inspiration that floated from it's thread
This intentional splash of color lifted me up 
It reminded me to slow down
To pause
To look
To seek out the beauty that is around me

There is color everywhere
Brilliant shades of blues, yellows, and oranges fill the sky each night
The green grass lights up the world, filling it with hope
And tucked between there are moments of grace
Butterflies, smiles, flowers, friendship, the ocean
All of it sandwiched between the sky and the ground
Engulfing us with love and light
Do you feel it?
Breathe it in
Let it wash over you
This world is a magical place