it was here

It was here where I sat each morning at Squam Arts Workshops  
Pondering the day ahead
Dreaming of what could be
Tucking moments and memories into my pockets

It was here where I was infused with inspiration and courage
I learned that I could do it
I saw myself through new eyes
I traced the journey and loved that I ended up right back here

It was here where I saw how far I have come
Stronger, braver, wiser I stood
Ready to embrace the world and connect with those around me
Open and free I knew I could take the leap

It was here where
Alongside this lake
That dreams came true
And dreams were born

Yes, it was here!

P.S. A special shout out to my dear cabin mate who noticed me out on the dock each morning and took the time to capture this moment.  I am so grateful.  xo