showing up

The shift takes time
It doesn't happen over night like we wish it would
You have to show up day after day
Put in the hours
Trudge through the hard work
And make it happen

There will be days when you will be the only one who shows up
That is ok
Try again
Give it another chance
It may have been wrong timing
You may have not given proper notice
You will never know why it wasn't what you wanted it to be
So pick yourself up
Dust yourself off
And show up again

It will take time
You will stumble along the way
And you will learn about what works
You will learn about how you best succeed
And there will be times when you will fail
That is ok

Keep showing up
Day after day
Show up and smile
Remember why you put yourself out there in the first place
Each time is a fresh start
A new beginning
An invitation to open up and dig in
Give it a try, time and time again
Keep showing up