Look around you
Stories are everywhere
They live in the air you breathe, the people you meet, the way you travel home

A story lives in the neighbor you see walking through the parking lot, every single day with his cane.  Even if it is freezing, he is out there.  With a determined look on his face you can feel his will power as he takes step after step.  You are in awe how he keeps showing up.

A story live in the words not spoken
The things you wish you would have said
And the things you never had a chance to say

There is a story in the love you still hold in your heart for the one who got away.  Thoughts creep in throughout the day at the most unexpected moments.  A scent in the air, a song playing on the radio.  All of it takes you back, and the story plays on repeat.

There is a story dancing in the guy sitting at the park in the grass, leaning against the lamp post, smiling widely.  He is soaking in the beautiful day and enjoying every moment of sunshine.  He is happy, and that is a good story to tell.  

There is a in the laughter between the children as they run and play.  Chasing one another, falling down, and getting back up.  So easily they play.  Not a care in the world, but a story building in there heart.  

There is always a story

When we open up our minds and our hearts we become more receptive to these stories.  We begin to tell them out loud, share them with the world, and soak in the goodness that is the story.  

Stories breathe in and out of us
They crack us open
Teach us how to love
And they help us grow

Stories guide us home
They ignite a spark in us
And remind us of where we have been

There is a story to tell
There is always a story to tell
All you need to do is find it