summer wind

There is one month left of summer and I want to savor every moment of it.  This is my favorite part of the season because he is off and we get to spend more time together.  To kick August off with a bang here is a list of things I want to do in the next 31 days. 

* Walk under the stars on the beach hand in hand with the one I love
* Go for a long drive to no where in particular
* Walk the high line
* Ride my bicycle over the GWB
* Laugh with my nieces along the waters edge
* Stay up late, planning, scheming, dreaming
* Laughing deep into the night with my brothers and sisters
* Cheer for a baseball team
* Spent time on the porch
* Creating along side a good friend
* Picnic in the park
* Swim under the stars
* A photo walk with my love
* Drive in movie theatre
* Mini golf
* The driving range
* Drinks on the water
* A spontaneous weekend getaway
* Hold hands
* Snuggle in close

What about you?  What would you write on your summer list?

A little summer wind to kick off August.