inner light

You have an inner light that shines
It sparkles brilliantly
Healing others as you pass them
Igniting the fire within them that has since been extinguished

This inner light is filled with beauty and grace
It flows out of you freely
And as you heal others
You heal yourself

You are wise and filled with love
When you share your own heart you lift others up
And fill your own well with so much goodness
When you smile, the world smiles back

And when you hug another
That simple embrace evokes a wave of radiance
That continues on
Even after you each have departed

They say that laughter is the best medicine 
And they are right
When you laugh you feel lighter
And you share that feeling with everyone around you

The world is a better place when you choose to be happy
And that choice may not always be easy
But when you shine your inner light you guide others home
And that is good, so very good

Keep shining your light