walking the line

walking the line.jpg

There is a line in the sand that constantly washes away, and gets drawn
Again and again
Keeping up with social media and truly be present in life
Is a fine line to walk
Staying connected with others is so easy
You can do so through the palm of your hand
Yet sometimes we become consumed
The computer screen becomes our window to the world
And we forget about the beauty around us
Balancing online accounts and in person interactions becomes a juggling game
Time can pass quickly when we are staring at the screen
We wonder why we didn't get things done
And are left feel empty and divided

I am at a crossroads with social media.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  I know my hate comes from a place of being too consumed with it.  Between blog post, Facebook, twitter, instagram and email where does one have time to breathe?  I sit all day in front of a computer screen and need to slow down, soak in the sunshine, dig my hands into a few creative endeavors, and simply just be when I come home from work.  I need to find balance between online and offline.  Staying social and being present.  

Is this a struggle for you as well?  If so how do you navigate your time?