ignite the spark

Inspiring me this week is this guy in the picture above
Together we dream up big ideas and take the leap  
He listens intently
Thinks deeply, and challenges me with bigger and better ways to make it happen
He never says no, and thinks in the "how can we" mindset
He pushes me further than I ever thought I could go
Encouraging me to take that next step
He is always there
Ready to help me jump 

The Love Notes Postcard project would be nothing without him
Our brainstorming together solidified the idea that I couldn't put into words
I am so grateful to have him in my life
He is my inspiration
He ignites my sparks
And fuels the fire along the way
This weekend we are taking on our next adventure
I am thrilled to be doing this together
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Without him I would still be me
But with him life is a little bit sweeter
Who ignites your spark?