adventurous spirit

I have an adventurous spirit.  I will take the scenic route home rather than going the way I have traveled many times before.  I am always looking for something new.  Clearing out the old and inviting in the unexpected.  

I have learned that the only way I grow and expand is when I find my edge.  When I stand face to face with being uncomfortable and I dive right in.  Sure I could survive right below the surface.  I could move through my life with my eyes closed, and it would be a pretty good life.  

But I yearn for more.  I want to see the lands I have never seen.  I want to push myself to do things I never thought I could do.  I want to work hard to accomplish a goal and feel the joy that comes from my dedication.  

I want to live out loud.  Living small is not for me.  I want to encounter strangers and hear there stories.  I want to dig deep into the lives of my friends and unearth our truest passions and desires.  I want to live with intention and adventure intertwined.