knowing when to say yes


And the day came when you had to say yes
When you knew you weren't 100% ready,
but you also knew you never would be
You were as prepared as you could be
And you were ready to take the leap

So you said YES!
Leaping into the unknown
Unsure of what it would bring
But feeling so strongly in your gut that this was where you needed to be
You followed your heart and bravely stepped forward

There was no fanfare
There was no big celebration
It was a micro movement that shifted everything inside you
Saying yes opened up your heart
And let you start believing in yourself again

Others didn't notice the shift
It was going to take time
Mountains needed to be climbed
New terrain was going to be trekked over
You would fall down more times than you could count

Yet each time you got back up you were stronger
Standing taller, reaching further than you ever thought
You were navigating your own path
Carving out your own destiny
Finding your own way home

What you felt on the inside began to shine on the outside
You attracted like minded individuals to you
There they stood, cheering you on
Your open heart and brave soul inspired others
As you took the reigns and made your dreams come true

And now you can't imagine living on the sidelines
You are deep on the path, always looking for new adventures
You know the fear that comes with saying Yes, and you still have it
But you also know the joy and brilliance that opens up when you do
So you take the risk

You are a beacon of light
You cast hope and inspiration out into this world
You know that you have to live out loud
And each day you prepare yourself to just do that
Your shining light helps others shine

Keep bravely stepping forward
Keep taking the long way home, and enjoying the view
Keep asking questions and challenging what doesn't sit right with you
Keep connecting and learning from others
This is your one precious life, keep saying YES to it