love notes

love notes

The Love Notes Postcard Project is back for it's tenth round and I couldn't be more excited.  I began this project because of my passion for words and deep need to connect with individuals.  I love sending and receiving mail and wanted to bring others together to experience the joy that comes when a little ray of sunshine arrives in your mailbox.  

What is beautiful about words is that they have an ability transcend and bring people together.  One simple writing prompt can bring out the words that will inspire another.  Using postcards for this project makes it that much sweeter because the the words pass through so many hands before arriving to the intended recipient.  This provides more opportunity to inspire and we just never know how it may have touched others on it's journey.

This weeks writing prompt was  :: there was a time ::  The words that spilled for me where:

There comes the day when you will great yourself with kindness
When you will look lovingly at the person looking back at you in the mirror

And know that you are doing your best

There comes the day when you will lift your head up to the sky
Speak your wishes out loud
and take the first few steps in making them come true

There comes the day when you will say yes
Knowing that you are stepping boldly into who you are
And receiving all that the world has to offer you

Yes, there will come a day
When you will be standing strongly in your person
Sharing your bright shining light with the world