reaching for your dreams

Today in my brave journaling class we are exploring our dreams.  The ones that don't let us fall asleep at night because we are too excited about them.  The ones we keep quietly tucked away because we fear if we speak them out loud they may not come true.  The dreams we dream about time and time again.  

Yes, we all have dreams, wishes, aspirations for our lives.  They surface at the strangest of moments and once they latch on they don't want to let go.  There is that little voice inside of you that speaks louder than all the other voices you hear and it is nudging you to follow your dreams.  

How do you follow your dreams?  
How do you go after what your heart is calling you to do?  
What do you do if your dream feels completely impossible?  

There are times when we are clutching so tightly an idea of something happening the exact way that we have it planned in our head that we lose site of the feelings that are fueling this idea.  We think if the idea doesn't unfold like we planned then it wasn't right, or there has to be more. But there will be times, many times when an idea will not go the way you thought.  Sometimes we have to let go of our plans in order to allow space for the puzzle pieces to come together.  

This doesn't mean letting go of the dream entirely, but it means honing in on the feelings that the dreams stirs up and allowing space for that to unfold exactly how it is meant to unfold.  Sometimes the way we think it is suppose to be isn't the way it is meant to be.  Loosen your grip and let go of the reigns.  

Once you free yourself of your exceptions you will begin to see different things you never saw before.  You will be more open to opportunity and you just never know what may appear at your doorstep.  It can be hard to let go of expectations, but it may be the most freeing thing you have ever done.  

What expectations can you let go of today?  
What dream do you have can you get of the way of letting it come true?