a way of belonging

I want to talk about the belonging, and the way it just happened
So easily
So simply
With no struggle or fear
We fell into one another, and there we stayed
It happened by chance 
And an understanding between us grew strong
There is a moving together that works
Compassion, kindness, and love
A letting go of expectations
And a letting in of our worlds expanding
It was what neither of us had expected
Yet it felt so right, so real
Now here we are, almost four years later
And this belonging has blossomed and grown
It shines bright even in the darkness
And can be felt in a glance across the room
We value the respect we give one another
And always allow space to grow and dream
We tend to each others hearts
And walk side by side on this journey called life
We are each others biggest fans
And we listen deeply to the words unsaid
Yes, there is this way of belonging
Of him and me, together