blooming tree

Nothing stays the same forever, nope nothing
We can hope and wish that it will
We can pray and dream
But in the end we have no control
Moments happen when we least expect them
And our life is changed, in an instant
Most times we do not see it coming
Like a flash of lighting it strikes
Leaving us on an edge with feelings of uncertainty
The darkness drags us down
And we are unable to see the light on the other side
But after the storm clears and the dust settles
We pick up the pieces
And find a new "normal"
We navigate the uneven terrain and discover what moves us
Yes, nothing does stays the same forever
But that is a good thing
Change brings about new opportunity
A chance to try again
A freedom to let go and really seek
It may feel like a kick in the gut
Yet it is the chains being unshackled
That allow us the opportunity to find what we truly want