change is the only constant

Change.  It is the one thing in this life that you can always count on happening.  Usually at a time you least suspect it.  Big and small changes flip your world upside and life as you knew it is forever altered.  

Change.  We never know when it will happen.  We live our life one way and then all of a sudden it doesn't even look or feel the same.  We plan, dream, and scheme for the life we want to live but then that vision becomes altered and we are shown a brand new path.  

One moment can change everything.  

How do we live when we are unsure of what the next moment will bring?  Do we tread lightly, never making plans, becoming fearful of what is on the other side?  Or do we live big.  Arms wide open.  Enjoying the moment we are in and savoring them a little more deeply because we know that they won't last forever.  

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  I think I will be going to yoga, then work, and a nice dinner.  But that doesn't mean that is exactly what will happen.  Anything in life is possible.  The good and the bad.  The stuff we plan for and the moments we couldn't ever have imagined.  

What matters most is how you live your moments.  How you savor the time you have.  Laughing a little more deeply.   Hugging a little bit tighter.  Making plan because you need dream.  And being present with where you are, right now.

Change.  It will always happen.  It is inevitable.  But it isn't always a bad thing.  Sometimes change ones up a whole new world to us that we did't even know existed.  

So live in the moment
Dream big wild dreams
But take the steps today to make them happen
Because you never know what tomorrow will bring