claim your space

What if it was easy
If you didn’t have to struggle to get it done
If it felt good and real

What if you did it your way
If you showed up exactly as you are
Giving it your all

What if you choose your path
Carved it yourself
And invited those you desire to walk with you

What if you gave up
Put down the idea, let go of the expectations
Threw in the towel because it was no longer calling to you

What if you spoke from the heart
Said the words you really have been wanting to say
Letting go of worrying what others thought

What if you choose today to begin
To truly say yes
And dive right in

What if you followed your heart
Listened deeply to what you desire
And made those desires your priority

As far as I know you only have one precious life to live and you are the author of this life
Where do you want your story to go? 
How do you want to feel each day? 
Where do you want to show up? 
What do you want to hold onto and what do you want to let go of? 

You invite in the energy that surrounds you
What if you choose to invite in happiness, all the time!
What if you let go of the negative souls that are dragging you down?
How would that shift your moments?

What if you stepped boldly into the life you want to live?
Where would you be standing?
Who would you be with?

It is never too late to begin
And today is as good a day as any
Do not wait a second longer to claim your space in this world