creating ritual

Dear Tender Hearts,

Life can pass by quickly.  We try to savor each moment but we get wrapped up in our to do list and running from here to there.  It doesn't have to be that way.  There are small things we can do to savor the days and allow ourselves space to see what a beautiful life we are creating.  

Ritual is a big part of my life and it extends beyond holidays and into the every day moments of my life.   I prepare my cup of tea in the morning with intention.  Waking early to light the kettle.  Sitting down with my mug steaming, the world still dark and I begin.  It is a moment to breathe in deep and set an intention for the day ahead.  I pull out my Alchemy Deck and choose a card.  The one I choose usually becomes my guiding word for the day.  I savor this quiet time.  

Before bed I slow down again.  Taking time to reflect on the day that has passed.  I write down one moment for my Happiness Jar and say a blessing for what has been.  It doesn't take long to do this, less then five minutes, yet I feel a lightness in my heart as I close out the day.  

These practices are a part of my daily living, yet they are a practice.  There are days when I do not get to them.  When life has swept me up in a whirlwind and my head hits the pillow before I write my moment.  That is ok.  Life takes us where we need to go.  In these moments I do not beat myself up, I just know there is always tomorrow to begin again.  

I invite you to join me in Unfurling where we will dig into these practices and many others.  You will have the opportunity to try something on for size and see if it fits for you.  You will be encouraged to slow down, take a breathe, and unfurl into the beautiful life you are creating.  Yes YOU are creating a beautiful, deep, loving life.  Take the time to savor what all your hard work has created.  

Class starts March 1st and if you sign up today you can receive 50% off as a Valentines Gift from me to you.  That means the class is just $39.  Just use the promo code LOVE when checking out.  Hope to see you there.