feast of love

What you long for you must create.  You cannot sit around at home waiting for it to great you at the door.  You must make space for it and invite it in. 

I crave connection.  Deep intimate connection between women.  Where we have the space to open up and be exactly who we are.  The type of space that is free of judgement and filled with love.  

I crave to be seen and heard.  To have heartfelt conversations where it is ok if the tears fall.  And to also to savor those moments where laughter is contagious and we can't help but smile.  

If I sit home alone these connections do not happen. I must open up my heart and open up my door.  I must invite others in; to be together.  

It is what we all need.  Community.  Love.  Kindness.  We want space to tell our stories and an opportunity to listen to others.  We want a place where we feel comfortable to express the heartache and feel that we aren't alone.  

To obtain this we must reach out and be vulnerable.  We must be willing to share all the pieces of our heart.  The good and the bad.  We must open up which isn't always easy to do.  

To find your tribe you must be willing to leap.

I invite others in.  I set the table and together we gather.  It is here where the bond of friendship is formed time and time again.  As we sip wine, eat delicious food, and share pieces of ourselves.  It is a feast of love.  Moments of raw honesty, heartfelt emotion, and deep laughter. 

It is in the being together that gives us permission to stand tall in who we are.  To shed the layers of protective skin and allow our heart space to shine.  And so we gather.  Again and again and again.  And through time, love, and trust we open up more and more.  We feast.  We love.  We become a tribe of sorts.  Sharing milestones and heartbreak.  Yet also celebrating and laughing deeply.  

Take your chance today.  Reach out and invite others in.  Create your own feast of love.