getting back in the groove

running on the beach

Being in the warm sunshine inspired me to get moving again.  Each morning I showed up on the beach, barefoot and ran for as long as the beach allowed.  It was divine.  There was no watch to tell me how fast I was going and no mile marker to tell me how far I ran.  I just listened to the sound of my breathe, splashed my feet in the ocean, and moved my body.  It felt so good!  

Back in NJ the weather is chilly but the sun is shining after work.  That alone is motivation enough to lace up my sneakers and move my body.  On Monday I tackled Airmount for the first time this year.  While training for the NYC Marathon Airmount and I met often and never truly became friends.  It wasn't until during the marathon that I grew an incredible appreciation for my time spent running up that monstrous hill.  

I realized that all the time I spent on that hill made me stronger.  It pushed me to my edge and made me realize that I can do things I never thought I could.  It also prepared me for the challenges I faced during the marathon.  

So here I am getting back in the groove.  Showing up again and again even though it feels challenging.  I am pushing myself forward even when my breathe is labored and I am struggling.  It feels good to be back!